FSU class prediction coming this week - We need your picks

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    The first round of Warchant.com class predictions will be released on Thursday. This year we want to do things a little differently and include some of the readers/contributors on this board. So in addition to my picks, and those of Michael Langston, please give us your picks on the players listed below. Also, please write a sentence or two explaining why you picked the school you did for each player.

    For each recruit listed, we will select a fan's pick and explanation which will be listed in the official Warchant.com prediction story that will be featured on the front page.

    We will also save this page so you can come back after NSD and compare everyone's picks.

    Good luck!

    For each recruit below (1) name the school you think he will sign with, (2) a percentage of how confident you are in your pick, and (3) a short explanation (2 sentences) on why you picked that school.

    Mario Edwards Jr.
    Josh Harvey-Clemons
    Reggie Northup
    Andrus Peat
    Amos Leggett
    Nelson Agholor
    Ronald Darby
    Menelik Watson
    Ricardo Louis
    Leonard Williams
    Tracy Howard
    Eddie Goldman
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    Mario Edwards Jr - FSU - 75% - MEJ has been a long time commitment to FSU. If he wanted to be elsewhere he would. MEJ loves FSU, loves Tallahassee and loves the coaches at FSU. Plus its in his blood!

    Josh-Harvey Clemons - UGA - 55% - UGA appears to be the best fit for JHC. Its local, right type of defense he is looking for and he has a great relationship with their coaches.

    Reggie Northup - FSU - 60% - Reggie will be a NSD flip to FSU. Now that he has seen the depth at Linebacker and we miss on JHC, he becomes priority #1 @ LB and decides to follow his heart on NSD.

    Andrus Peat - Nebraska - 51% - Tough call between the Huskers and the Noles but its not everyday you get a chance to play with your brother. I know the distance is not a big concern of his but I would have to think playing with his brother at an up and coming program will win out.

    Amos Leggett - FSU - 55% - I believe we miss out on Howard, Blake which means we need 2 CBs. I feel that Amos likes the opportunity to play here with Coach Stoops plus having a child I believe he stays close to home.

    Nelson Agholor - USC - 60% - FSU will be there till the end but Nelson's love affair with USC will only grow after official visit this weekend. Nelson is a very mature kid for his age and will allow him to thrive in any system even if it is on the other side of the country.

    Ronald Darby - FSU - 55% - I feel Darby's relationship with our current commits will go a long way in making him feel a part of this class. CB is a HUGE position of need and FSU boast the best combo of Track/Football.

    Menelik Watson - FSU - 60% - I feel Watson sneaks into this class because we miss out on Peat. Watson has a very good relationship with Coach Trickett and that along with our lack of depth on the O-Line leads to a FSU-Watson pairing.

    Ricardo Louis - FSU - 55% - I feel Louis will be FSU's version of Nelson Agholor. He is a big time athlete with potential to be an All-Conf Wide Receiver. He wants to stay in state which gives FSU the edge over Auburn.

    Leonard Williams - Florida - 51% - I firmly believes Williams wants to be a member of this FSU class and any other year he would be our banner signee on the D-Line. Unfortunately for Leonard, FSU hit the mother load in D-Line recruiting this year. Baring any unforseen flips from the big "3", I think he ends up a Gator!

    Tracy Howard - Florida - 51% - Howard seems to be very conflicted on what he wants. One day its UF, next day its LSU, then one day its FSU. He loves Coach Stoops but anyone including Howard can see that Coach Stoops' days are numbered as an Assistant Coach. That said, he is the closest with the Florida coaches and I believe that relationship will lead to him being in Gainsville.

    Eddie Goldman - FSU - 60% - FSU gets a boost from Coach Sunseri leaving for Tenn. Auburn makes a big push up till NSD but for the same reasons I see Howard at Florida, I see Goldman at FSU. Very strong relationship with the coaches, especially Odell. Plus he has hit it off big time with our current recruits.
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    Mario Edwards Jr.- FSU 99% This past weekend secured his commitment. He'll make it interesting down the stretch saying he isnt sure, but he will be in Garnet and Gold next year.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons- Georgia 51% I think the Georgia staff has sold him on playing in the 3-4 and also playing for his "home" state. They came up with that pitch last year and it worked and UGA will get it to work one more time.

    Reggie Northup FSU 70% It's been his dream to play at FSU and come signing day he will make that dream a reality.

    Andrus Peat FSU 51% Peat's dad played in the league for 6 seasons and will see that Peat will have a great opportunity to do the same if he is coached by Trickett. Remember if not for injuries, Trickett would have 2 tackles being taken in the first 2 rounds.

    Amos Leggett FSU 75% If coaches think his grades are good, he'll be at FSU. Kid has already committed once and I see him doing it again on NSD.

    Nelson Agholor USC 65% With his visit coming up, he'll talk to a few Florida kids who will tell him its nice being away from home. They'll also sell him on the chance to play with Barkley for a year and be an impact freshman.

    Ronald Darby FSU- 80% The track and football aspects win out here. He'll have a chance to be part of 2 different national championship teams and wont be able to pass it up.

    Menelik Watson- Auburn 51% With Peat picking us, I think he heads to Auburn

    Ricardo Louis- FSU 55% Staying in state wins out and he sees a chance to be the big red zone threat for FSU after Haulstead and Smith leave.

    Leonard Williams Auburn 70% Too many DEs already and I dont see our numbers working out. UF already has some solid DEs as well leaving Auburn to back into him.

    Tracy Howard UF 65% He sees an opportunity to step in and play very early. They will sell him on being opposite of Roberson for the next 3 years.

    Eddie Goldman FSU 90% I was on the plane with him and his family after his OV and his Dad was telling everyon who listened how great FSU was that weekend. Sunseri leaving Bama made this an easy choice for Goldman.
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    Mario Edwards Jr. - FSU (75%) - Mario is a legacy, a kid that has been committed to FSU for a while now. He's looked around, but according to multiple services he is solid to FSU. He will need to be blown away on his last visit to switch, and I don't think that will happen given the bond he has with the other FSU commits.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons - UGA (65%) - It's between UF and UGA, but the prevailing pick for a while now has been the Dawgs. While it's going to be close, I think he stays in state and plays for UGA.

    Reggie Northrup - Ark (25%) - A week ago I would have said FSU, but according to reports he has eliminated the Noles and is now between a couple of schools. I'm not very confident in this pick but Arkansas seems to be trending with him lately.

    Andrus Peat - Nebraska (51%) - Very close call between FSU and Nebraska but ultimately I think the family and school bonds will win out here.

    Amos Leggett - FSU (55%) - This ultimately will come down to numbers, but I feel like if we have room for him, Leggett will choose FSU. If not I think he surprises everyone and goes to Marshall.

    Nelson Agholor - USC (65%) - Personally I think this will come down to USC and UF, but he seems to really like the staff and atmosphere out west. FSU is a distant third here.

    Ronald Darby - FSU (75%) - With Notre Dame pretty much out of the picture, this is going to come down to Auburn and FSU. I think FSU's track program and his relationship with Bracy win out here.

    Menelik Watson - FSU (50%) - Don't think we get Peat, which should make room for Watson.

    Ricardo Louis - - FSU (55%) - It sounds like he had a great visit and made a connection with both the staff and Ronald Darby. If Darby picks FSU, which I think he will, I feel Louis comes aboard as well.

    Leonard Williams - Aub (65%) - I don't think FSU is going to have room to bring in Williams, especially since it would jeopardize other DE commits. Auburn seems to be the team to beat with UF being a threat as well.

    Tracy Howard - LSU (50%) - This is an LSU/UF battle at this point. LSU has had great success with DBs lately I think that will sway him. LSU gets the last visit and the commitment.

    Eddie Goldman - FSU (75%) - With Sunseri leaving for Tennessee, I think the Noles have taken the lead for Goldman and I don't see that changing.

    That would give us six commits and we end with 21.
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    Mario Edwards Jr.
    Josh Harvey-Clemons
    Reggie Northup
    Andrus Peat
    Amos Leggett -- FSU 51%
    Nelson Agholor - USC 55%
    Ronald Darby -- FSU 51%
    Menelik Watson -- FSU 50%
    Ricardo Louis -- FSU 51%
    Leonard Williams -- Auburn 55%
    Tracy Howard - UGA 65%
    Eddie Goldman -- FSU 70%
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    Mario Edwards Jr. - FSU - 70% - If I could have followed in my dad's foot steps and had a chance to leave a bigger legacy I would want to try. That's a huge deal to any family. ALL NOLE even after a last minute scare that everyone thinks he and Winston will go LSU.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons - UGA - 55% - We don't do well with hyphenated names… ok ok thats a joke, but it seems as though he will listen to family. UGA is in a good spot for next year and it's a chance to play close to home with coaches he seems to love.

    Reggie Northup - FSU - 55% - It's almost assuring yourself of quick playing time and being apart of something special. My opinion is that he senses that. He grew up a noel… why go anywhere else?

    Andrus Peat - FSU - 70% - Jimbo and company win over the parents and it's in the bag. The kid seems to bond with some of our recruits at the UA game and knows we will be better than Nebraska.

    Amos Leggett - FSU - 55% - Howard goes to FU and we seal the deal on the last recruiting weekend along with a Fisher in home.

    Nelson Agholor - UF - 40% - He passes on USC at the last minute to stay close to home and the Gators win out over FSU and USC.

    Ronald Darby - FSU - 65% - Track + football = the shot at two national titles in one year… Thank you Bracy for helping on the recruiting of this kid! Aaron Ly… who??? Sorry ND… pray harder next year.

    Menelik Watson - FSU - 50% - 3 words… Instant Playing Time

    Ricardo Louis - AU - 50% - I think last minute this kid gets home and realizes he still wants to play in the SEC

    Leonard Williams - FSU - 45% - Decides to give up playing time and wants to be apart of something special in Tally. He seems to bond well with our recruits and the "family" we have.

    Tracy Howard - UF - 60% - I bet he's playing to us behind closed doors and then pulls an Orange hat out the last day because he doesn't want to share playing time with our kids.

    Eddie Goldman - FSU - 65% - all NOLE… the big SILENT we should be hoping for.
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    Mario Edwards Jr.: FSU 80%
    In the end, his comfort with the other recruits and the coaching staff will win out.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons: UF 40%
    This is a UGA/UF battle. Distance from Valdosta to Gainsville(108 miles), distance between Valdosta to Athens (245 miles) - Distance plays a factor, as he wants to be close to home.

    Reggie Northup: FSU 55%
    Quote from Reggie: "I will sign with USF before I sign with UM" - Strange quote, as he's a UM commit, but because of this I will go away from Miami and predict him to sign with the Noles.

    Andrus Peat: Nebraska 60%
    Would love to land this guy, but blood is thicker than water

    Amos Leggett: Marshall 50%
    Doubtful we will take him or he could make it in. Thundering Herd gain a pretty good prospect here.

    Nelson Agholor: Notre Dame 35%
    Academics and the addition of Gunner Kiel are the difference as Agholor chooses the Irish on NSD.

    Ronald Darby: FSU 70%
    The relationship he's formed with Marvin Bracy as well as the track program at Florida State are the reasons Darby will end up in Garnet and Gold

    Menelik Watson: FSU 55%
    We can't miss out on all the lineman prospects can we??

    Ricardo Louis: FSU 45%
    If we have room, he'll be a Nole. I think he wants to stay in state and that will be the big difference maker.

    Leonard Williams: Auburn 60%
    Simply no room for another DE in this class.

    Tracy Howard: UF 51%
    Believe Howard will stay in state, so it'll come down to FSU/UF, with UF taking this one.

    Eddie Goldman: FSU 75%
    Relationship with O'dell will seal the deal
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    For Kicks and Giggles....

    Ill also throw in...

    Colin Blake - TAMU - 60% - I think he flirts with FSU up until NSD but think FSU lands Darby, Leggett which will sever ties with the Noles & Blake. I also think new coach for TAMU is a winner and locks this kid up.
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    Mario Edwards Jr. - Florida State (95%)
    - ME2 is a Nole, and the reasoning is quite simple. It is a family thing for him. I can't see ME2 leaving his father's alma mater high and dry and NSD.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons - Georgia (65%)
    - With the emergence of UGA's 3-4 defense, and the number of Valdosta-bred players on the roster I think JHC feels at home there.

    Reggie Northup - Florida State (60%)
    - First Coast is an FSU feeder school and I think that helps. Deep down, I think Northrup also knows FSU is a better situation for him than Miami is.

    Andrus Peat - Nebraska (85%)
    - Much like Mario Edwards Jr., this is a family thing for Peat. Recruits never want to acknowledge it, but more times than not, a kid usually follows his older brother.

    Amos Leggett - Marshall (50%)
    - I think a big part of this one is Leggett's grades and if FSU has room for him.

    Nelson Agholor - Southern Cal (40%)
    - I would give USC the slight edge over Florida, but I am not sold on this pick.

    Ronald Darby - Florida State (60%)
    - When an uncommitted recruit is visiting other schools it is hard to feel that great about him. I think FSU and the Track Program win out, but won't feel good until it is over.

    Menelik Watson - Auburn (50%)
    - I honestly think this is coin flip with Auburn and FSU.

    Ricardo Louis - Florida State (65%)
    - Already rumors of him decommitting from Auburn. I think Malzahn leaving hurt Auburn a lot here.

    Leonard Williams - Auburn (40%)
    - I simply don't think FSU would take a 4th DE in this class. Auburn or Florida for Williams.

    Tracy Howard - Florida (80%)
    - FSU is out. LSU has a prayer, but not much.

    Eddie Goldman - Florida State (75%)
    - Goldman has a strong bond with Coach Haggins and a ton of the FSU DLine commitments. I would be pretty surprised if he didn't choose FSU.
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    Mario Edwards Jr. (FSU), 95%, He grew up around the program and his comfort level is too great. Plus he's been recruiting hard for FSU.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons (UGA), 25% chance for FSU. He has had UGA and UF at the top for a while now. Barring an upset it will be one of them. I'll go with UGA because I naturally hate UF.

    Reggie Northup (FSU), 60% chance for FSU. Kid grew up a Nole and it was just a matter of us recruiting him. Now that we are and we can show him that he will get playing time he'll commit to FSU this weekend IMO.

    Andrus Peat - (Nebraska). 40% chance for FSU 60% for Nebraska. I just think his brother being there is going to create a level of comfort that FSU can't duplicate even though he likes FSU a lot. Plus the distance will end up being a factor. Hope I'm wrong.

    Amos Leggett - (Marshall). 45% chance FSU. I just think his decision to wait until signing day will squeeze him out of any chance he may have had to go to FSU. Two of Darby, Blake, and Howard will commit before he does and it will be too late.

    Nelson Agholor (USC) 30% chance for FSU. USC has been up there for a while and he has great relationships there. FSU comes in third place behind UF.

    Ronald Darby (FSU) 55% chance. I think our track program gives us the big edge here. Plus his friendships with Ricardo Louis and Marvin Bracy give us a plus.

    Menelik Watson - (FSU) 55% chance. He really likes Trickett and I think we won him over this weekend.

    Ricardo Louis - (FSU) 60% chance for FSU. His relationship with Xavier Rhodes and Joyner give us a huge edge. Plus he has a desire to stay in state and its not going to be UM or UF. He has never seriously considered either of them. Big time pick up for FSU IMO. Just my opinion but I think he has the most upside of any WR in the state. Andre Johnson like potential here.

    Leonard Williams - (UF) 45% chance for FSU. I just think in the end he gets squeezed out by numbers. Darn shame too because he's a big time player I'd love to have. If the other DE's are ok with us taking him I could see us landing him however. I think he wants to be a Nole.

    Tracy Howard - (UF) 49% chance. I think FSU loses this battle by a hair. I still think all the stuff about not being comfortable in Tallahassee is simply a smoke screen by Howard to create some suspense. And I still think this will be a close hard fought battle until the end with UF.

    Eddie Goldman - (FSU) 60% chance. I think he's been a lean to FSU for a while now. I think the loss of the LB coach at Alabama who he had a great relationship with sort of really put FSU and Odell Haggins in the driver's seat.
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    Dead on. I see FSU finishing with those 6 (not count MEJ since he's already commited).
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    Mario Edwards Jr.- FSU 80%- Mario has been committed to Florida State for quite some time now. Despite the rumors of him "looking around", I fully expect him to follow in his father's footsteps and continue the legacy.

    Josh Harvey Clemons- UGA 60%- Fsu will make one final push for Clemons on his official visit but I do not think it will be enough to pull ahead. I see this as a Uga-Uf battle all the way to signing day with the home state team winning out.

    Reggie Northrup- FSU 75%- Reggie grew up a fan of the Seminoles and he now knows the great need we need for linebackers. I expect him to commit to Fsu the same weekend as his official visit.

    Andrus Peat- FSU 55%- Andrus loves the Seminoles and Rick Trickett. If his brother wasn't already at Nebrasksa I would say he would already be a Seminole. His parents want to get a feel for the campus and coaches on his upcoming visit. If they give Andrus the OK then I think he will be a Nole.

    Amos Leggett- Nebraska 55%- Leggett would easily be a take in this class but I feel we will nab 2 other db's causing him to sign elsewhere. Out of his final schools I feel Nebraska will be the one to get lucky and snag him.

    Nelson Agholor- USC 51%- I feel Nelson loves all 3 of his finalists, but seems to be intrigued with USC the most. It will all depend on whether or not he feels comfortable being that far from home. If he doesn't mind then he will be a trojan. If proximity wins out it will be an instate battle between Fsu-Uf.

    Ronald Darby- FSU 90%- Florida State is the best fit for Darby because both the Football and Track programs are top notch. Out of all of his finalists Florida State looks the best for him. Our need for cornerbacks and his close friendship with Bracy will win out.

    Menelik Watson- FSU 60%- Once again our need for tackles is huge and Watson and Peat would be a great haul to go along with EE Daniel Glauser. Watson had a great visit to Fsu and is said to be leading for his services as of now. As long as both Watson and Peat announce on NSD I can see FSU landing both. If one or the other announces before then it may scare the other off.

    Ricardo Louis- FSU 70%- For right now he is still committed to Auburn but I fully expect the NSD switch to the Seminoles. He loved his visit last weekend and according to a lot of people it is a done deal with him to Fsu.

    Leonard Williams- AUBURN 51%- Fsu is probably the leader for Williams right now but with 3 elite defensive end prospects committed and the numbers crunch, I just don't see how we can take him. If there is a way for Fsu to put him in this class I fully expect him to join but for right now I am going to go with Auburn.

    Tracy Howard- FSU 55%- I know at one point in time Howard was telling the Fsu coaches exactly what they wanted to here so I'm not buying that Lsu and Uf are his favorites. I can't see him going to Lsu so this will be another instate battle between Fsu-Uf with Florida State and Mark Stoops sealing the deal during his inhome visit with Stoops and Fisher.

    Eddie Goldman- FSU 75%- I feel Florida State has been the leader since his official visit during the Oklahoma game despite him saying no one leads. With Alabama losing Sunseri to Tennessee, I fully expect us to pull way ahead in his recruitment. I would be shocked if Eddie Goldman was not a Nole come NSD.

    That is 8 Noles I predicted on that list but one is already committed to us so actually it would be 7 more commits total rounding the class out at 22.
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    Mario Edwards Jr. - FSU 85% The kid is not going to leave his fathers school at the alter this late in the process
    Josh Harvey-Clemons- UGA 65% Seems like the name most associated with his choice of colleges
    Reggie Northup- FSU 75% Seems like this one has been trending the Noles way for the last couple of weeks. Nole Fan!
    Andrus Peat FSU 51% Basing this on the assumption that he visits this weekend. Huge need and he seems to really like trick daddy!
    Amos Leggett Marshall 50% Just dont see us having room for the kid. But miss on a few guys and things could def. switch
    Nelson Agholor UF 50% Cant see him going all the way to Cali. Just have a feeling he will end up a Gator.
    Ronald Darby FSU 75% All the insiders seem to feel pretty good about this one and he wants to double in track and we have a good as a program as anyone.
    Menelik Watson FSU 55% Honestly i have no clue here. Just think he likes us more than the barn.
    Ricardo Louis FSU 65% Things def. seem to be trending our way. Louis seems to want to stay in state. We will be getting a steal here.
    Leonard Williams Aub- 50% Just not enough room for him here. Think it will come back to bight us in the butt somehow
    Tracy Howard FU- 85% The kid just seems like a gator too me. Mom wants him their.
    Eddie Goldman- FSU- 80% I think this kid has been a nole for a while and Alabama losing their Coach recruiting only raises my confidence.
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    Mario Edwards Jr.- 100%. OU was toughest competition and recruiting for FSU
    Josh Harvey-Clemons - 30%. FSU is in the discussion
    Reggie Northup - 100%. Done deal
    Andrus Peat - 50%. If Pops lets him come to FSU then he's going to FSU if not NU
    Amos Leggett - 0%. FSU has other options
    Nelson Agholor - 25%. FSU is in the back of discussions
    Ronald Darby - 100%. Done deal
    Menelik Watson - 75%. Feel REALLY good about him
    Ricardo Louis - 75%. Feel REALLY good about him
    Leonard Williams - 60%. FSU will get him in the class
    Tracy Howard - Feel REALLY good about him
    Eddie Goldman - 100%. Done deal
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    Clemons-----------Georgia--Ga. boy.
    Northrup----------Miami--Mystery as to why.
    Peat--------------Nebr.--Mom and Dad.
    Agholor-----------FU,--Wants to stay in Fla.
    Darby------------FSU.--Position of need.
    Louis------------FSU.See Darby.----
    Williams--------- FU--See Northrup.
    Howard----------FU--Loves them Gates.
    Goldman---------FSU--Buys Saban but buys Jimbo more,.
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    i think leggett is already a silent commit to fsu, coaches just want him to keep quite and not make this known until NSD cause they are trying very hard to get howard and darby on board.
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    Eastern Shore, MD
    MEJ: FSU (95%) - In the end the long time FSU verbal commit will sign with FSU because he feels the most comfortable with the family atmosphere at Florida St.

    JHC: UGA (40%) - This one is a tough call and if FSU impresses him during his OV to the 'Noles on January 20th then all bets are off. In the end though I think his comfort level with Richt and the Bulldogs win out.

    Northrup: FSU (30%) - Definitely another hard one to get a read on. Based on everything I have read I think the long time FSU fan decides he can make an impact at the linebacker position for his favorite team.

    Andrus Peat: Nebraska (50.1%) - Peat seems to be torn on playing with his brother at Nebraska or being where he seems to want to be at FSU. In the end he chooses the family connection and signs with the Huskers.

    Amos Leggett: Marshall (34%) - Leggett is a victim of the number crunch as FSU ends up signing 2 out of the 3 in Darby, Howard, and Blake. He decides he can make a big splash at Marshall and ends up going north to play there.

    Nelson Agholor: USC (55%) - FSU made a great push with him during his official visit to the 'Noles, but the standout at WR goes west and plays for the Trojans as he is loves Kiffin and the staff there.

    Ronald Darby: FSU (70%) - The 'Noles come out of nowhere to sign the stud CB. FSU's track program goes a long way in securing Darby's commitment.

    Menelik Watson: FSU (51%) - He knows we need Offensive Linemen and realizes he can come in right away and contribute by putting in hard work.

    Ricardo Louis: FSU (55%) - Louis decides he wants to stay in state and he knows that if he puts in the work he can see the field early at FSU.

    Leonard Williams: Auburn (60%) - The talented DE becomes a number crunch victim as the 'Noles are loaded at DE this year and ends up going to Auburn.

    Tracy Howard: uf (25%) - There are so many conflicting reports out there, but he appears to want to be in a "college like atmosphere" and according to Tracy he believe Tallahassee is too much like Miami. So he ends up going to the dark side at Gainesville.

    Eddie Goldman: FSU (45%) - The massive DT feels at home with the 'Noles and signs with us.
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    Mario Edwards Jr. - Florida State (100%)....During his last visit to Norman, he and a Corner (Kevin Peterson) of mine were driven around Norman by Bob Stoops. While touring the town together, Mario told KP he was a Nole and was just having fun. Done deal for a while now.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons - Georgia (75%)....When he didn't commit a ways back, I counted him out as far as being a Nole. The pressure of staying in state over the duration of his recruitment will be too much. Dawg.

    Reggie Northrup - Florida State (60%)....First Coast has been good to the Noles. Factor in the mess that is Miami currently, and I think Reggie chooses Tallahassee.

    Andrus Peat - Nebraska (51%)....Think we just miss on this one. Peat is apparently trying to sell his family on FSU, while he already has family ties elsewhere.

    Amos Leggett - Marshall (60%)....Taking a shot with Marshall, but I don't see him at FSU. I think we land 2 other corners and Leggett is forced to look somewhere else.

    Nelson Agholor - Notre Dame (30%)....Going with the Irish over USC, Florida, and my dark horse OU. Academics will play a role.

    Ronald Darby - Florida State (65%)....The need at Corner, his glowing response to his visit, FSU track program, all signs point to yes. Mark Stoops is staying and swinging for the fences, Darby is 1 of 2 big names in the class at the Corner position.

    Menelik Watson - Florida State (51%)....Coin flip but we win out over Auburn.

    Ricardo Louis - Florida State (60%)....After hitting it off with Darby, I think he becomes our Harvin/Debose/Agholor. I really think Malzahn leaving 'Burn makes this possible.

    Leonard Williams - Florida (40%)....I think it's between Florida and Auburn, only because FSU won't have the room or need. The Gators get a good one.

    Tracy Howard - Florida State (35%)....Stoops' homerun #2 to go with Darby. LSU is on fire (in a dumpster-fire kind of way) and Florida doesn't have Mark Stoops. Jimbo closes the deal and gives Stoops a pat on the butt for sticking around Tally.

    Eddie Goldman - Florida State (80%)....Too good of a relationship with Haggins and FSU commits. It would shock me if he's not a Nole on NSD.
  19. ImmortalNole

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    Mar 29, 2002
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    We sign 23… and probably 24 if you count a “out of nowhere” OL from Tricket…
    Mario Edwards Jr.: FSU (99%) ? He knows FSU and UT well. If he was going elsewhere he would have moved on long ago. His father wouldn’t let him mislead any school much less his Alma Matter.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons: UGA (51%) ? He has not visited FSU yet but based on what we know today… I give the edge to the Dawgs.

    Northrup: FSU (33%) ? He is a long time FSU fan and I think that the coaches probably did a good job of showing him the depth chart. Flip to FSU.

    Andrus Peat: FSU (45%)- I think he chooses his heart over playing with his brother. And that would explain why Goodman hasn’t had much contact with FSU. Our coaches must feel pretty good about him.

    Amos Leggett: Marshall (50%) ? It’s a number crunch as FSU. We sign Darby and Howard and Leggett, the one time FSU commit is left out.

    Nelson Agholor: USC (50%) ? He just seems to want out of here.

    Ronald Darby: FSU (85%) ? He didn’t decommitt from the Dome and set a FSU visit for nothing. Also I think he likes the idea of he and Bracy leading FSU to a Track NC.

    Menelik Watson: FSU (75%) ? He knows the depth chart and how young we are at OT.

    Ricardo Louis: AU (50%) ? We really don’t need WR’s and it’s a numbers thing.

    Leonard Williams: FSU (60%) ? Although most believe that he will be a victim of numbers…He loves FSU too much to go to UF! we are not as loaded at DE as everyone thinks. Look for him to commit and G. Newberry goes to OT.

    Tracy Howard: FSU (50%) ? Too many strange story’s that don’t match up. I think it is all smoke screen and He and Darby will become a super Duo in our secondary.

    Eddie Goldman: FSU (70%) ? He has been FSU for a long time.
  20. JR-Seminoles

    JR-Seminoles Walk-on
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    Feb 11, 2002
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    Mario Edwards Jr. - FSU, 90%. Mario has built a strong relationship with the FSU coaches and players. Plus, Mario has made strong friendships with other incoming 2012 recruits.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons - UGA, 55%. JHC connects with Mark Richt with whom he shares deeply religious feelings. FSU finishes a close second.

    Reggie Northup - FSU, 60% Reggie sees an opportunity with Arrington Jenkins' departure to play for his childhood favorite team.

    Andrus Peat - FSU, 51%. Peat's parents love the family atmosphere at FSU and give Andrus their blessing to matriculate at FSU. Andrus sees the chance to win the starting LT position his freshman year and grow with a young, talented OL.

    Amos Leggett - WVU, 75%. There's no room in the inn for Amos with FSU snagging Tracy Howard and Ronald Darby. Leggett's academic prowess positions him for a shot to be the Valedictorian at WVU.

    Nelson Agholor - USC, 55%. Nelson makes his childhood dream come true by signing with the Trojans. Gator fans seek therapy and grief counseling.

    Ronald Darby - FSU, 75%. Ronald Darby was blown away by his visit to FSU, and sees an opportunity for playing time after Xavier Rhodes turns pro in 2013. Plus, a world class track program clinches the deal.

    Menelik Watson - AU, 51%. Watson really wanted to sign with FSU, but the Noles had too many top recruits vying for the final 5 spots, forcing Watson to settle for the Tigers.

    Ricardo Louis - AU, 51% Louis joins Watson and Leggett on the outside looking in at a full FSU class that simply didn't have the numbers to bring him in due to elite talent filling up the last available spots.

    Leonard Williams - FSU, 60%. The FSU coaches just can't say "No" to the ultra talented Williams, even though he makes 4 DE's in this class, but Dalvon Stuckey's detour through JUCO makes room for one more. Wearing Garnet & Gold is a dream come true for LW.

    Tracy Howard - FSU, 60%. The NSD shocker that sends gator fans reeling and retching as Tracy signs with the Noles. The orange & blue didn't see this coming as the gainesville suicide hotline volume peaks.

    Eddie Goldman - FSU, 75%. Goldman created strong bonds with FSU coaches, players and fellow 2012 recruits, and wanted to be a part of something special. Goldman and Jernigan go on to become FSU's first two DT's to earn First Team All-American honors in the same year.
  21. Crappy Davenpot

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    Jul 12, 2002
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    Mario Edwards Jr.-FSU, 65%. He's never decommitted, but is still taking visits. I think FSU locked him up on his OV.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons-UGA, 60%. Always seemed different from the other Lowdnes players and wants to do his own thing. Stays home.

    Reggie Northup-FSU, 60% for now. Probably higher after he visits. He's done with Miami it sounds and already FSU leads.

    Andrus Peat-FSU, 51%. I'll go out on a limb and predict he and his family have a great visit and the stars will align on NSD, just barely.

    Amos Leggett-FSU, 55%. I really want Leggett in our class. Hoping he makes his visit and it's good one. Transcript's seem to be the ?

    Nelson Agholor-USC, 51%. Before the visit. I think they lock him up when he OV's there. Realtionship with the Kiffin's.

    Ronald Darby-FSU, 70%. He seemed to like everything he saw at FSU last weekend. Only worried about LSU.

    Menelik Watson-FSU, 60%. Think we took the lead and should get his pledge on NSD.

    Ricardo Louis-FSU, 65%. Had a great visit. Struck up a friendship with Darby and even was quoted saying he wanted to decommit like Darby. Wants to stay in-state.

    Leonard Williams-AU/UF, 50-50. Just don't see us taking another DL unless someone bails late,by then it may be too late to get Williams.

    Tracy Howard-UF, 70%. He and his family are Gator fans. I haven't seen him say anything good about FSU in quite a while.

    Eddie Goldman-FSU, 70%. Relationship with Odell Haggins and several of the other FSU recruits.

    I know I've got 7 there and 2, Leggett and Peat, are real borderline and could go either way. 6 is probably the smart number and 21 the final.
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  22. smitty4040

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    Aug 21, 2011
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    Mario Edwards Jr: Texas (50.5%)
    Josh Harvey Clemons: Georgia (65%)
    Reggie Northup: FSU (51%)
    Andrus Peat: Nebraska (75%)
    Amos Leggett: FSU (50%)
    Nelson Aghlor: Florida (75%)
    Ronald Darby: FSU (51%)
    Menelik Watson: Arkansas (60%)
    Ricardo Louis: Auburn (70%)
    Leonard Williams: Auburn (75%)
    Tracy Howard: Florida (85%)
    Eddie Goldman: FSU (60%)
  23. avnoles

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    Sep 7, 2011
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    Mario Edward Jr - FSU/UT - (45%) UT (55%).. Rivals moving him to DT, and with his friend Toshio lb at his school not committed, waiting for Mario, Diaz loved mario being moved to DT. Plus dad had to give interview on OV.
    JHC - FSU - (70%) Big visit this weekend, 1 1/2 away from home, Lowndes connection. Telvin and Reid will work on him this weekend plus Winston.
    Reggie Northrup - FSU (65%)- Coaches will confirm with him about are LB depth chart and he will see the light.
    Andrus Peat - FSU (75%) - Knows he will see the field early, plus blocking for Winston he likes that. Good OV with parents all Nole.
    Amos Leggett - FSU (65%) - Has a family and wants to stay close to home.
    Nelson Agholor - FSU (55%)- Smart kid, not scared of comp, and his OV here made him think. Plus wants to stay in state.
    Ronald Darby - FSU (50%)/ Auburn (50%) - The Diggs story had me thinking about how the north kids want to play with each other. Hope I'm wrong!!
    Menelik Watson - Have no clue...
    Ricardo Louis - Auburn (55%) - Saw are roster and would see early playing time at Auburn.
    Leonard Williams - UF (55%)/ Auburn (45%) - To many DL - Makes his choice then we get dropped by MEJj and all hell breaks loose. Loves FSU though.
    Tracy Howard - FSU - (95%) - Just been playing the game and signs with us because of Stoops - and a crucial in-home by Fisher.
    Eddie Goldman - FSU - (50%)/ Auburn (50%) - Today's announcement that rivals is moving MEJj to DT, has him worried depth chart. Same as LW all hell breaks loose.
  24. BleedG&G

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    Jul 22, 2002
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    If only Erie were here to decide all this once and for all...[sigh]
  25. daytonanole

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    Mar 29, 2002
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    Daytona Beach, FL.
    Wow. [​IMG]
  26. spoiled996

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    Mario Edwards Jr. - Florida State (100%)
    - He is a Nole and will always be a Nole.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons - FSU (52%)
    - He likes Georgias 3-4 defense and will debate staying in state until NSD. In the end he pulls a Nole Cap on NSD as he wants to be closer to home, has friends at FSU, knows Jimbo's job is more secure then Richt's, and knows we put LB's in the NFL.

    Reggie Northup - Florida State (60%)
    - First Coast is an FSU feeder school and I think that helps. Always liked FSU, and its the most attractive option. If JHC comes here, Northup misses his opportunity to sign with us. If JHC goes somewhere else, Northup signs with us.

    Andrus Peat - FSU (95%)
    - Wants to create his own legacy and feels he can be the missing cog to FSU's return to dominance. He sells the program to his family, and with their blessing he ends up here.

    Amos Leggett - Marshall (65%)
    - I think he had his shot to be a part of this class and the Jan 27th visit doesn't occur.

    Nelson Agholor - UF (40%)
    - I this he would be in our class if not for our depth at WR as he will want to stay in state in the end and USC still has issues they need time to work through.

    Ronald Darby - Florida State (100%)
    - He's ours. Track and Football

    Menelik Watson - Auburn (55%)
    - I think he decides the SEC is the best hope he has to make it to the NFL.

    Ricardo Louis - Florida State (65%)
    - Already rumors of him decommitting from Auburn. I think Malzahn leaving hurt Auburn a lot here. He ends up coming on board.

    Leonard Williams - FSU (60%)
    - I know he wants to come here, and think he waits until LOI's are in from Casher/Fowler/and MEjr then sends his in to us. Think with losing Werner and Jenkins next year, and Newberry moves to OL, he gets into the rotation.

    Tracy Howard - Florida (80%)
    - UF and has always been UF.

    Eddie Goldman - Florida State (95%)
    - He is ours and has been for months.
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  27. BleedG&G

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    Jul 22, 2002
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    Was waiting for you to chime in your view Daytona
  28. eddienole75

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    Mario Edwards Jr. : FSU - There is no other school he is more comfortible with and has a great relationship with the players and coaches
    Josh Harvey-Clemons : Georgia - I feel he just wants to represent his state and he knows some players there and likes the coaches plus playing time. not that the same could be said about FSU but the difference is I feel he wants to go there.
    Reggie Northup: FSU- hearing other schools are high on his list but closer to home and along with playing time on spt and the family atmosphere will win out in the end.
    Andrus Peat : Nebraska - I feel we won this battle if it had not been for his brother playing there and the only reason he still picks them is his parents are not going to cross country travel to see games.
    Amos Leggett: juco - grades, it isn't going to what matter what school he picks and it won't be FSU because with the ships we can't take the chance.
    Nelson Agholor: FSU - SHOCKER, I feel since his friend left it opened a door and he may want to visit USC but having his family see his games would have to be impotant. also theres uf but he is a smart young man and theres no coaching stability at UF which i think will play the role there. jmo
    Ronald Darby: FSU - From the sound of it he already committed by trying to get louis to commit but who knows. I really believe he likes FSU and what we offer in track plus he has buildt a great relationship with bracy.
    Menelik Watson: FSU - this one is tough. playing time and what our young OL proved in the ND game showed him we can develope get OL and there is a huge need for that position
    Ricardo Louis: FSU - wants to be in this class. had a great time and he loved his visit FSU showed this young man what he needed to see
    Leonard Williams: darkside - only because we couldn't find room plain and simple plus we have 3 DE'S coming in.
    Tracy Howard: darkside - who knows why anybody picks the turds
    Eddie Goldman: FSU - To me he loves FSU and the players,coaches and everything FSU offers. I think ala was a thought but comfort level goes to FSU on this one. To be honest, I haven't heard (HIM) say anything about another school the way he boasted about fsu after his OV.

    I know that's over what is said in numbers but i'm sticking with it
  29. daytonanole

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    Mar 29, 2002
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    Daytona Beach, FL.
    Tough to predict percentages until after Peat and Clemons visit this weekend. I'll post mine on Sunday night or Monday morning.
  30. Garofalo5

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    Mario Edwards Jr.-- 95% FSU--I wouldn't give it a hundred percent because you never know these kids minds but I believe his dads legacy and his comfort level with everyone overall at Florida State beats out all others.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons--60% UGA-- I think that if Clemons has a great visit this weekend then the noles can put themselves back in the picture, but if NSD were today it would for sure be UGA..

    Reggie Northup--51% FSU-- I believe that if Florida State can show him a great visit than look for him to switch to the noles.

    Andrus Peat--55% FSU-- I believe that even though he has his brother at Nebraska his great relationship with o-line coach Trickett and fellow recruits signing with Florida State ultimately brings him to us.

    Amos Leggett--60%FSU-- If Florida State solidifies it on the 27th I believe he will be signing with us. Although, watch out for Marshal I believe they are very much in the mix as well.

    Nelson Agholor--60% FSU-- I know most are saying he is absolutely solid USC, I believe that he is ultimately going to stay close to home leaving it to Florida or Florida State and out of those two I believe Florida State is the leader, so look for him signing to us.

    Ronald Darby--80%FSU-- Only since recently when he decommitted from Notre Dame would I give us a chance with landing him. Ultimately Darby wants to go to a school with a solid track team and a stellar football program and Florida State happens to meet that whole criteria.

    Menelik Watson--55% FSU-- With the visit he recently had to Florida State I would give us the slight lead over Auburn, if it were signing day today I would say the noles all the way. Since it isn't, I would have to say look for this one to be a close battle till NSD.

    Ricardo Louis--51% FSU-- Recently was the first time I had heard much about him but it sounds like he really enjoyed his visit and doesn't have to much interest in his commitment to Auburn. I believe he will be a nole if we except him.

    Leonard Williams--51% FSU-- IMO throughout all of his recruitment he has favored the noles but we had a loaded defensive line class. Since we are loaded I would give a slight chance to landing him but still have him with us at the end.

    Tracy Howard--60 % UF-- Tracy has had many emotions due to the stoops and Auburn rumors and he began to favor LSU and UF with the noles slightly in the picture. I used to believe he was going to be a nole but if we don't make a strong push for him, he will be signing with UF.

    Eddie Goldman--65% FSU-- Although many believe this is a very close recruitment I think that he has had his mind straight for a while to sign with Florida State but didn't want to make it public until NSD.
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  31. Smackum

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    (1) Mario Edwards..In the end, I just believe there is too much Nole blood running in he and his family's veins. FSU 70%

    (2) Reggie Northrup..He wants to be a Nole, the coaches want him to be a Nole and he will be a Nole. We have a serious need at the position, also. FSU 60%

    (3) Andrus Peat..I am confident he has been a Nole for some time now. Why else would we turn a deaf ear to Evan Goodman and the like. FSU 100%

    (4) Josh Harvey Clemons..He just doesn't have the feeling or love for FSU that other Lowndes recruits have. I believe the christian side of Mark Richt will win out here. UGA 55%

    (5) Amos Leggett..Drama queen with questionable grades. Don't have a clue where he will wind up, but not at FSU.

    (6) Nelson Agholor..Coach Dawsey has done one of his best recruiting jobs on this kid. In the end, he will sign with USC. FSU 50% USC 50%

    (7) Ronald Darby..Track program and friendship with Bracy is the deciding factors. FSU 70%

    (8) Menelik Watson..Possible FSU, but in the end no. It appears we are all in on Peat. We need another top OL, I just don't know where or when. AU 45%

    (9) Ricardo Lewis..I believe he will be a Nole if Darby signs with us. FSU 49%

    (10) Leonard Williams..Some way some how, a Nole. If I am wrong on this one, then we can take M Watson. 49%

    (11) Tracy Howard..Just don't feel the love from this young man. I thought his sister being at FAMU would swing the deal for us, but apparently not. fu 60%

    (12) Eddie Goldman..A stone cold lock for FSU and has been for months. FSU 100%

    I'm being aggressive with the numbers here, but if the coaches want them, they will make it work. Lot's of ways to skin a cat, so-to-speak.

  32. esmnole

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    Feb 2, 2005
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    Mario Edwards Jr-FSU-70%-People can say what they want about him and being interested in LSU, but if he were to switch, his Dad would make him do it the ethical way.
    Josh Harvey-Clemons-UF-51%-This will be eithier UF or UGA. I am saying UF becuase he has liked muschamp awhile, but thats a slight UF lead.
    Reggie Northup-FSU-65%-With JHC more than likely not coming here, why not take him? If he wants in as bad as the reports say, he is a nole.
    Andrus Peat-FSU-52%-I am simply giving us the edge becuase I truly believe he wants to be here. This is a slight edge becuase I feel his brother is a big influence still, but since he doesnt have to play with his brother and mentioned several times he is ok being away from him, I say nole.
    Amos Leggett-58%-Marshall-As much as I would want him, I think our coaches pass on him due to Darby being a hot commodity.
    Nelson Agholor-USC-60%-Just think if he really wanted to be with us that bad, he would have done it already. UF is out of the picture imo, but if he wants to stay in state, he would pick us, dont see than happening becuase of louis and numbers.
    Ronald Darby-80%-FSU-Think we sealed the deal even though he may or may not be done with visits. Our track program and the situation with Howard, pushed him our way on NSD.
    Menelik Watson-70%-Aub-Even though he had a good visit, I feel our focus is strickly on peatwith apparently only 5 ships left.
    Ricardo Louis-65%-FSU-With the news being uncovered that we have been recruiting him awhile and he doesnt mind our depth chart, plus nelley prop going elsewhere, why not take this 250 member.
    Leonard Williams-UF-51%-We would love to have this young man, but we simply dont have the numbers. if we have one more ship somehow, I say he is a take.
    Tracy Howard-UF 60%-I think they have been his favorite for awhile now even though we are in the mix. We should make darby a more priority, as well as leggeit before we take howard. Would love to have him, but we should only take guys who want to be here. Hope I am wrong on NSD. Notice I am giving UF a very small lead.
    Eddie Goldman-FSU-83%-Senseri leaving for UT sealed the deal. Plus, I know Odell has been on him awhile.

    That gives us 6 fsu commitments, with mej already being committed. if we have one more ship left takeing the final five to six, I say eith leonard williams or howard or the mystery lb.
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  33. BleedG&G

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    Jul 22, 2002
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    Fair enough
  34. booker20

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    May 1, 2003
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    Carterville, IL
    Mario Edwards Jr.: FSU 85%
    FSU is in his bones and blood. Man of character, will live up to his word.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons: FSU 51%
    Just a vibe... I think he will come down and stay close to home/ continue the Lowndes Co. pipeline.

    Reggie Northrup: UNC 50%
    I think that because we will land JHC, RN becomes expendable.

    Andrus Peat: NU 51%
    Even if they don't tell him where to go, I think Andrus will know how much it would mean to his parents to see both Peat boys play together.

    Amos Leggett: Marshall 60%
    I djust don't see him here.

    Nelson Agholor: USC 55%
    If NA goes out of state like I think he will, it will be USC]. However, if he stays in state, it's a coin flip between FSU/FU.

    Ronald Darby: FSU 60%
    Recent activities and relationships created with FSU commitments/ excellent OV.

    Menelik Watson: AU 65%
    Doesn't seem to be much positive chatter from the FSU side. AU picks him up to replace the other Juco they lost.

    Ricardo Louis: AU 75%
    He may like FSU, but we just don't have room in this class.

    Leonard Williams: FSU 70%
    LW obviously wants to be a part of this class. You make room for talent.

    Tracy Howard: FU 60%
    The late push for Darby shows me the questions this staff has about Howard.

    Eddie Goldman: FSU 69%
    Too many solid relationships with the current class, plus his relationship with the staff.
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  35. jesword

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    Mar 29, 2002
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    1. Mario Edwards Jr.(100%) - FSU, he fell back in love with FSU all over again

    2. Josh Harvey-Clemons(100%) - FSU, keeping the faith that the Lowdes pipeline continues, many were doubtful Telvin would be a Nole, and seemed to be favoring UGA, but in the end and thankfully so, Telvin ended up being a NOLE. In the end I think JHC plays with his buddy and feels like joining something special going on at FSU and join a epic class.

    3. Reggie Northup(15%) - Ohio State, with JHC coming to FSU, not enough room for 3 LB's in this class.

    4. Andrus Peat(40%) - FSU, A battle FSU has to win and I think this weekend the family will be sold. Also Nebraska has Tyler Moore locked in as thier LT for the next 2 or 3 seasons, while FSU will be having an open competition for that LT position, so that has to be enticing.

    5. Amos Leggett(80%) - Marshall, Doc Holliday...

    6. Nelson Agholor(1%) - FSU, hoping while he may enjoy the trip to USC, he doesn't like the distance in the end, and maybe FSU made a bigger impact on his visit than what's been let on. Yeah FSU has a lot of talent at WR, but they've shown they play a lot of players, and have no problem leaning on freshman.

    7. Ronald Darby(51%) - FSU, seems like he's looking for something more, and FSU track and Bracy, help FSU win this one.

    8. Menelik Watson(60%) - FSU, finishes off a great offensive class that compliments last year's haul perfectly.

    9. Ricardo Louis(0%) - Really have no clue, but with Bracy and Nelson, just no room for this talented wideout.

    10. Leonard Williams(51%) - FSU, as long as the other DE committs can live with it, and I'm sure our coaches will work that out, this would be a great addition.

    11. Tracy Howard(80%) - LSU, think he leans towards SEC and probably impressed with LSU's defensive backfield.

    Eddie Goldman(15%) - FSU, tough battle here, but think he joins Darby at FSU.

    Pretty optimistic!

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  36. pdubb09

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    Feb 4, 2004
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    ok I'll play.....

    Mario Edwards Jr. (FSU, 70%) I think he wants to be here and has wanted to all along. Gene's interview down in Orlando gave me a vibe that he is trying to play the recruiting game intelligently, and will listen to each offer and then choose FSU where his heart is.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons (UGA or UF 50/50...but don't think it will be Tally for this kid) Seems to like both the 3-4 scheme and the SEC vibe. I'll say UGA, but I think both them and UF are neck and neck. Wouldn't surprise me either way.

    Reggie Northup (FSU 75%) We miss on Clemons and that will be all he needs to here. We have a nice relationship with First Coast and I don't see a good enough reason for him to pick UNC or Ohio St over FSU.

    Andrus Peat (Nebraska 51%) I don't disagree that he wants to come to FSU b/c of the opportunity to play quickly, but the coaches can't call these guys the night before or morning of but big brothers can. When his bro tells him he loves him and would be honored to suit up with him together in Lincoln, it will be too much for FSU to overcome.

    Amos Leggett (Marshall 100%) now that he's already said it:) I'd like to note that I was the first to point out that Dot left Blake off the list so I left what I prefaced my Leggett prediction with from last night. Obviously, I am now predicting Blake in this class. I suppose it could be Howard but I'm fairly sure it will be one of them and I'll go with Blake.

    Nelson Agholor (USC 60%) I still think UF is ahead of us. I don't get any feeling that Nelson will end up in Tally. I think he will eventually decide to head west with Monty and make his way in the world out there.

    Ronald Darby (FSU 75%) Track, Great Football, FSU Family Feel, Bracy friendship, etc...This seems like an FSU signee when you look at the whole picture.

    Menelik Watson (Aub 51%) I really don't know where this kid will end up, but I feel pretty confident it won't be FSU. Just don't get the vibe that he really wants to be here.

    Ricardo Louis (FSU 51%) I think he'd rather stay in Florida. I feel it's between FSU and Auburn and he just decommitted from one of the 2. Obviously something made him choose to do that. I think he has some good relationships with Darby and some current Noles that will lead him to pick FSU on Feb 1st.

    Leonard Williams (FSU 75%) I just don't see a way a kid can be this talented and love a school this much and that school's coaches turn him away. Regardless of what Fowler says, either we lose Dante b/c he's afraid of comp and it makes this easy, or they find a way to make Dante see that there are a number of different options that could play out that will make it easy for the 2 to coexist. Either way, if LW wants in he'll be a Nole and it sure sounds like he does.

    Tracy Howard (UF 60%) This is truly the biggest head-scratcher of the bunch. He has Stoops here and a program in much better shape. And he can probably play right away. However, it's not like UF isn't a great place to play football and mama seems to prefer Tracey in G'Ville, so I think that will win out in the end. Wouldn't shock me to the level of JHC, but I will be surprised if he picks FSU.

    Eddie Goldman (FSU 70%) I think his relationship with Coach Haggins as well as apparent friendship with Shanks has FSU in great shape. Couple that with Sunsari taking the Tenn gig and I think things look real good for the Noles at this point.

    One thing to note: I didn't see Blake's name on this list. Because he has kind of popped on the scene late, I really don't have a great vibe as to where he'll end up. I will say TAMU for now. However, if he calls and says he wants in, I think we take him and tell Leggett to go to Marshall.

    I have us taking 21, and unless we get 2+ committs out of the trio of (Howard, Peat, and JHC) I think 21 is where we end up.
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  37. bc_nolefan

    Dec 11, 2003
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    Mario Edwards Jr.- 85%. It's a wrap. Done deal.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons 15%. UGA Bound.

    Reggie Northup-55% I think FSU locks him up

    Andrus Peat-50.1% God will be on our side here.

    Amos Leggett-32%. Aint happening, but it would be a nice pickup.

    Nelson Agholor-38%. Ask me after USC. I think he comes to FSU if SC doesnt lock him up.

    Ronald Darby- 65%. Marvin Bracy doing work for us locks up the second fastest kid in the nation.

    Menelik Watson- 51%. We need depth and he looks mean. FSU bound

    Ricardo Louis- 68%. Unless Auburn opens the checkbook, he is ours.

    Leonard Williams- Weird. 75% if we would take him, 0% if not. HAHA. He is going to another school and will be a monster for any OL to deal with.

    Tracy Howard- 12%- Have fun at LSU or USC Tracy. We found Darby and we no longer have to kiss your ass, but it was fun. You will be a beast and a future day 1 draft, but if you don't want to be here, aint no reason crying.

    Eddie Goldman- 71% I feel he is a silent and will close out the most dominant DL class in years.
  38. bustanoles7

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    Oct 20, 2005
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    Mario Edwards Jr- (FSU-98%)-
    Nole since the day he was born.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons-(Georgia-70%)
    Even with a great offical vist to FSU, the allure of the SEC is to much to past up for him.

    Reggie Northup- (FSU-52%)
    Wantes to be a nole in the worst way and join current high school teamates.

    Andrus Peat-(FSU-51%)
    Even with his brother playing at nebraska, peat see immediate playing time with noles.

    Amos Leggett-(Fsu-51%)
    Talented DB who wants to stay in state.

    Nelson Agholor-(USC- 55%)
    The offical vist to FSU made nelson think, but in the end he chooses USC.

    Ronald Darby- (FSU- 85%)
    Thanks to a talanted track program and great recruiting efforts by bracy and others at the under armour game convinced Darby to come here.

    Menelik Watson-(FSU-55%)
    Immediate playing time helps FSU in the end.

    Ricardo Louis- (Auburn-52%)
    stays committed to auburn.

    Leonard Williams- (FU-51%)
    not enough room for fsu, so williams goes to the dark side.

    Tracy Howard- (LSU- 51%)
    wants to go out of state and become the next honey badger.

    Eddie Goldman-(FSU-95%)
    the loss of sal from bama to TU, along with the relationship Eddie has with current FSU recruits help seal the deal with this talanted player.
  39. sdumper

    sdumper Walk-on
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    Nov 13, 2008
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    Well at least this way your going to be really happy on signing day (assuming your a Nole).
  40. poppop06

    poppop06 Walk-on
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    Jan 18, 2006
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    Mario Edwards Jr. - FSU - 70% - a legacy recruit wanting to carry on the family tradition. The weekend OV sealed the deal.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons - UGA - 70% - very little FSU talk and probably under the Richt spell.

    Reggie Northup - FSU - 60% - the departure of Arrington Jenkins and the reality of JHC sends this young man to his real choice.

    Andrus Peat - FSU - 51% - based upon a home run weekend visit and the chance to see early playing time. This is a close call.

    Amos Leggett - Marshall - 70% - really a Plan B with the Howard mystery. Leggett fits the Marshall profile.

    Nelson Agholor - USC - 55% - FU appeared to be in the mix however; USC is likely the final choice.

    Ronald Darby - FSU - 75% - a solid relationship with our recruits, an official no thanks to ND and the opportunity of track at sprinters U.

    Menelik Watson - Auburn - 51% - a late opportunity that may not pan out based upon the numbers. I picked Peat as a "yes" and that should eliminate Watson.

    Ricardo Lewis - Auburn - 51% - do we seriously need another wide receiver?

    Leonard Williams - FSU - 70% - we can't pass on the talent and the desire to be a Nole.

    Tracy Howard - FSU - 51% - a game player when it comes to public information. Look for a happy ending.

    Eddie Goldman - FSU - 70% - we may have had the silent hall pass for quite some time.
  41. BleedG&G

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    Jul 22, 2002
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    Mario Edwards Jr.: FSU 75%
    Heavily recruiting for FSU at UA game sealed the deal for me, plus legacy

    Josh Harvey-Clemons: UGA 55%/FU 45%
    We are distant third, his words

    Reggie Northrup: FSU 51%
    Hopefully staff will clear up depth chart misunderstanding this weekend. I vote he has awesome visit

    Andrus Peat: FSU 51%
    Hope overrides gut so i am putting faith in coaches impressing the hell out of parents

    Amos Leggett: Somewhere else 60%
    I hope the young man figures himself out

    Nelson Agholor: ND 55%
    If i could only remember a reasonably solid indication we were in it

    Ronald Darby: FSU 60%
    Recent activities and relationships created with FSU commitments/ excellent OV.

    Menelik Watson: AU 51%
    With Latu off the table, I think AU reels him in

    Ricardo Louis: FSU 55%
    Strong words including a 2-fer with Darby

    Leonard Williams: AU 51%
    I can't see LW ignoring the 3 DE's in this class. Too bad

    Tracy Howard: FU 60%
    His words. i don't think he's gaming

    Eddie Goldman: FSU 55%
    Bama scares me, but Sunseri leaving pushed odds to our side

    If i count correctly that makes class of 20 which i wouldn't trade for anyone's
  42. HendrixNole

    HendrixNole Freshman
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    Mar 29, 2002
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    Mario Edwards Jr.- FSU(90%)I think he's been recruiting for us this whole time and can't see him changing his commitment this late in the game.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons- UGA(40%)I think he gives in to the in-state pressure and Mark Richt.

    Reggie Northrup- Arkansas(20%)Stoops and Hudson just had an in-home visit with him and he's visiting this weekend, but I think in the end he goes to Arkansas due to numbers and us getting on him late.

    Andrus Peat- Nebraska(10%)Not super confident, I hope we can sway him but I just think Nebraska in the end.

    Amos Leggett- FSU(30%)I think he eventually recommitts, if his grades are in order.

    Nelson Agholor- USC(50%)I think he's enamored with the Trojans and the Kiffens and likes their academic side.

    Ronald Darby- FSU(80%)I believe he commits, Bracy helped alot along with the other recruits at the UA game to help sway him.

    Menelik Watson- FSU(30%)I think we land him instead of Peat, just think he's been high on us for awhile and likes Trickett.

    Ricardo Louis- FSU(60%)I think he likes our offense and how we use our WR's, with Malzahn leaving AU I think he sees more stability with our program and our coaches never gave up on him.

    Leonard Williams- FSU(50%)I think this kid is just enamored with FSU it seems, and the staff is really building for the future when it comes to the pass rush.

    Tracy Howard- LSU(20%)I would love to land him but I just think he's impressed with LSU's recent success and they are putting the full court press on him.

    Eddie Goldman- FSU(90%) I feel he's been ours for awhile now, even with Alabama being in the picture, just think him and Shanks and other of our committed recruits have been too close with him all along. He loves Odell too much to go elsewhere.
  43. gzo17

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    Feb 1, 2005
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    Mario Edwards Jr.- FSU 85%- At this point it seems like a flip is particularly unlikely based on his actions. If anyone was going to flip him that time has come and gone.
    Josh Harvey-Clemons- UGA 60%- Would be a recruting stunner if he ended up anywhere else IMO.
    Reggie Northup- Somehwhere other than FSU 75%- I dont like our chances with Reggie for a couple reasons. He seems to want immediate playing time and we didn't give him any love until a couple weeks ago so to me that's an extreme longshot.
    Andrus Peat- 55% Nebraska- I'll believe it when I see it as far as him coming here. The brother thing at Neb will be hard to overcome. It would be one thing if Nebraska was already out of it but it sounds alot like he will join his brother.
    Amos Leggett- 85% Marshall/JUCO- The lack of confidence is mostly based on the grades issues. I don't think he makes it into FSU academically and/or the coaches will not lobby for him to get in b/c he is just a fallback for us.
    Nelson Agholor- 55% USC- USC has had the best frosh WR in CFB the last two seasons and Nelly sees that. They have a great QB and it is a good academic institution.
    Ronald Darby- 70% FSU- Only other place I could see him headed is AU if they decide to make a big push for him but all signs point to FSU.
    Menelik Watson- 65% FSU- We got on him late but I think if it is between us and AU who has no OC he comes here especially considering our depth chart at Tackle.
    Ricardo Louis- 80% FSU- Amazing how quickly things change in recruting.
    Leonard Williams- 40% FSU- My percentage would be higher if it wasn't for our stacked DE class but the reality is our pursuit of LW will be mostly below the radar during the last two weeks to avoid running Fowler off so he will really have to want to come here and avoid other schools who will push harder and more openly for him. He likes us alot but that is asking alot.
    Tracy Howard- 75% LSU/UF- Probably UF but I mean no one really knows with this guy-he is has flipped so much on his favorites.
    Eddie Goldman- 60% FSU- He is not an FSU lock but we are easily in the best position right now. I am cautiously very optimistic we land him.
  44. daytonanole

    daytonanole Moderator

    Mar 29, 2002
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    Daytona Beach, FL.
    If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to predict AS OF THIS MORNING (Jan. 18th), I'd have to predict as follows (Of course, this will probably change several times in the next 10 days of so):

    1. Mario Edwards Jr. (FSU)

    2. Josh Harvey-Clemons (UGA)

    3. Reggie Northup (FSU)

    4. Andrus Peat (Neb.) as of now...Could change after his FSU visit this weekend.

    5. Amos Leggett (NOT FSU as of now)...If we strike out on Darby, Blake and Howard, then FSU.

    6. Nelson Agholor (USC)

    7. Ronald Darby (FSU, even if we land Howard)

    8. Menelik Watson (FSU)

    9. Ricardo Louis (FSU...unless by some miracle we land Agholor)

    10. Leonard Williams (FSU if we have room and it doesn't scare Fowler off...otherwise Aub. or UF)

    11. Tracy Howard (Tough one here...We'll know alot more following his UF and LSU visits...TO EARLY TO CALL!!!

    12. Eddie Goldman (FSU)

    All this being said, I still believe it's too early to make any firm predictions. January 29th or 30th would be the more appropriate time to do so.
  45. Nolebra Kai

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    Jul 24, 2008
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    For each recruit below (1) name the school you think he will sign with, (2) a percentage of how confident you are in your pick, and (3) a short explanation (2 sentences) on why you picked that school.

    Mario Edwards Jr. - FSU, 95% - His father played here and has been one of our best recruiters for the '12 class.
    Josh Harvey-Clemons - Georgia, 35% - In state pressure from family plus never got the vibe he wanted to really play here.
    Reggie Northup - FSU, 75% - We have a good record with First Coast and Miami's possible probation is a factor.
    Andrus Peat - Nebraska, 40% - Family is at Nebraska
    Amos Leggett - FSU, 60% - FSU has been on him and he likes our staff. I think he could be a signa nd place.
    Nelson Agholor - USC, 50% - Academics are a big deal to him and he isnt afraid to leave the state.
    Ronald Darby - FSU, 75% - Great relationship with Bracy and he loves our tack program.
    Menelik Watson - FSU, 55% - He had a great visit this past weekend and I think he knows he has a great shot at playing right away.
    Ricardo Louis - FSU, 60% - Great visit this past weekend.
    Leonard Williams - FSU, 55% - Although we have three DEs, FSU has always been in the picture and he loved his visit here.
    Tracy Howard - LSU, 60% - He wants to play immediately and LSU gives him that chance.
    Eddie Goldman - FSU, 65% - Great relationship with Odell and he also has mentioned wanting to play with Shanks and Jernigan.
  46. Lhm nole

    Lhm nole Freshman
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    Dec 13, 2005
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    Louis,Darby,Goldman and a offensive lineman and keep all of our current commits
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  47. pdubb09

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    Feb 4, 2004
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    This thread is kind of funny b/c those of us without sources end up regurgitating the predictions we read on here. And thankfully those on here with sources share that info with us so at the end of the day we all end up with basically the same thoughts on the matter. This thread could be a lot shorter. It seems like we have a consensus on the following guys...

    Mario Edwards Jr.- FSU
    Josh Harvey-Clemons- UGA
    Reggie Northup- FSU
    Andrus Peat- NEB
    Amos Leggett- 3rd option for #2 DB/ prob Marshall unless we miss on Blake & Howard
    Nelson Agholor- USC
    Ronald Darby- FSU
    Ricardo Louis- FSU
    Eddie Goldman- FSU

    The real questions to ask would just be

    Tracey Howard, yes or no?
    Menelik Watson, yes or no?
    Do we take L. Williams no matter what or only if?
    Does the Blake kid drop TAMU for us?

    these seem to be the only kids the opinions are split on. I guess you can put Peat in here too, but it's only 50/50 b/c this is an FSU board. I think most people predicting him to FSU don't truly believe that.

    looks like we have a DT, LB, DB, & WR all headed this way and 1 more DB that will join...either a top target or a solid back up plan.

    Which leaves the last remaining scenarios (and most intriguing to me) being do we strike out at OL? Do we get Watson and leave it 21? Miss out with Watson & use #21 on Williams? Or land Watson and take Williams anyway and go with 22.

    I like where the staff has put themselves with 2 weeks left. They need to full court press Peat and Watson and hope to grab one, and if not, call Williams and call it a day.
  48. The Real Sonny

    The Real Sonny Walk-on
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    Mar 29, 2002
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    Mario Edwards Jr. FSU. 75%. Think that much like a multiple choice exam, go with your first answer. With Dad being a Nole that's huge. While Odell may not (although he could be?0 his position coach, that's another big reason why as I would bet that Mario, Sr. loves the idea of son playing for him.

    Josh Harvey-Clemons UGa 60%. It's time for UGa to get a big time Lowndes kid, simply "their turn." Valdosta is a UGa town, although both FSU and UF are represented there some.

    Reggie Northup FSU. 50% I don't get why someone would go to Miami, right now. And in the end, I think that flips him.

    Andrus Peat Nebraska 45% I'm not sure that Coach Trickett has ever gotten a 5* lineman. I'm afraid the link just isn't there. Hope I'm wrong!

    Amos Leggett Marshall 45% I have to believe that Leggett would rather be somewhere else. If Miami can't take him, I'm not clear how FSU can?

    Nelson Agholor USC 40%. Just feels like he wants to go see and do something different. Can't say I blame him. USC this past year looked like they have a staff that can hold it together and even with sanctions coming, they look like they can still own the Pac South, so long as, they don't have injury problems.

    Ronald Darby FSU 60%. Chance to play for Mark is too much to turn down, even if it is just for one season (if Stoops gets a head gig elsewhere).

    Menelik Watson Auburn 55%. Guy seems a little more mature, not so quick to just go head over heels. Think that Auburn got on him first and that will win the day.

    Ricardo Louis FSU. 40% Been committed for a while but no OC does him in. Chance to be a little closer to home, chance to play with Winston and a superior WR coach in Dawsey compared with Trooper Taylor keeps him in state.

    Leonard Williams FSU 65%. This one is strange. Think we are slow playing him a little bit, he wants to be a Nole, probably more so than some other guys that are committed. Think he can grow and move inside and we will tell him so and that will get him in Tallahassee. I won't be shocked if he doesn't wait until late in the day to sign.

    Tracy Howard FSU 45%. A shocker but I think the Poole and Howard hate each other has legs. And if Howard signs with UF, think that Poole doesn't sign and then, shops around and signs later.

    Eddie Goldman FSU 55%. How do you not sign with Odell?

    So, I've got us getting 7, which would be one helluva haul, although Edwards is already committed to us.
  49. jaswinnie

    jaswinnie Walk-on

    Jan 5, 2007
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    MEJ- 95% FSU, Being a legacy and recruitng for FSU at the all-star games is to much for any school to overcome. Dont think Sr. would have let it go this far if he was going elsewhere.

    Clemons-60% UGA, Think this is a UF/UGA battle despite the pipeline looks like a kid who wants to do his own thing, FSU chances 10%.

    Northrup- FSU 51%, Will depend on if he buys the fact that there is a need at FSU from the Coaches. If not FSU someone like ARK. sneaks in due to immediate playing time.

    Peat- Neb 51%, Went to UA game this kid is a potential top 5 pick unbelievably built for a high school senior and a protoype left tackle in the NFL. He was more then impressive blocking MEJ in the game think the family wins out in the end aand he goes with his brother.

    Leggett- 99% FSU only if they want him otherwise he goes to Marshall.

    Agholor- 51% USC, only that low due to distance wont be surprised if he goes UF on signing day.

    Darby-75% FSU, Think Bracy and the track program along with early playing time pulls him in the end.

    Watson- 50% FSU, Think this one depends on where Peat goes. With his inexperience not sure he can help us right away.

    Louis-51% FSU, Chance to stay in state but depth chart at FSU maybe a factor if he goes elsewhere.

    Williams- 20% FSU, Think he lands at Auburn dont see the FSU coaches gambling with Fowler and taking another DE.

    Howard- Uf 51%, think mama wins out here and the Gates nose us out on signing day plus he can start from day 1 at UF.

    Goldman- 51% FSU, This one comes down to Winstons ability to recruit this weekend and hold firm to his own comittment. UA has a ton to sell as Saban is the best defensive coach in College football and the kid had to be impressed watching the MNC game.
  50. SloNole

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    Jan 24, 2006
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    Edwards - FSU - 95% - I don't think he's playing games.
    H-C - UGA - 65% - The pipeline cools off this year.
    Northrup - FSU - 60% - Scum and NC both facing NCAA penalties.
    Peat - NEB - 70% - Big brother and distance... parents can both in Lincoln.
    Leggett - MAR - 100% - Per his commitment. Don't have room either.
    Agholor - ND - 45% - Kiel and I am not buying staying close to home.
    Darby - FSU - 55% - FSU is a better option than Aub.
    Watson - FSU - 60% - with Peat at NEB its his to take... plus early PT here.
    Louis - FSU - 75% - with Nelson going to ND... we still get a Stud!
    Williams - UF - 55% - a Nole if we were signing 24 in this class.
    Howard - UF - 50% - can't win them all
    Goldman - FSU - 65% - Hoping we get one of these big guys that flirts with us. Pipeline to the NFL with Odell.

    And, BLAKE... FSU - 60% - This sleeper decides to leave TAM at alter on signing day! People keep talking about him coming down from his visit high... I don't think he does and is a Nole!

    That makes 7 as I see MEJ as a commit already! Go NOLES!

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