NEW SMACK BOARD RULES!!!! Everyone must read and obey.

Discussion in 'Smack Board' started by seminole64, Jul 15, 2006.

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    Smack Board Rules & Regulations

    Do not expect special treatment because you've been on Warchant for years or because you're a subscriber. These rules are to be followed and will be enforced.

    1) Please avoid sexually explicit topics. There are other outlets for those kinds of discussions, please refrain from them on Warchant.

    That also includes using the word "Gaytor" to poke fun at UF. Don't do it.

    2) Spamming the board rapid-fire with thread after thread is strictly against the rules. If you've got a lot of stuff to post, try to do it in as few threads as possible.

    3) Please scan the board before posting a new thread to insure there isn't already one covering your topic.

    4) Warchant is not here to provide publicity for your website. If you're an established Warchant user, feel free to direct people to your site but no drive-by's with the intent of driving up traffic to your site.

    Acceptable Images
    1) Posting pictures of, or links to, nudity of any kind is not allowed.

    2) No pictures of men or women in skimpy , in other words, "Assets" are no longer allowed anywhere on Warchant.

    3) Using Warchant as a conduit to exchange email addresses for "Asset" swapping is not allowed.

    1) Scantily clad women and men are not allowed to be used in signatures, nor will 'controversial' subject matter. If you have a question about what might or might not be allowed, please contact the moderators via the link at the top of the board.

    2) Signatures should be no bigger than 500 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall.

    3) Signatures should be no larger than 400k total.

    4) Statements or pictures supporting a political candidate or a political cause are allowed in signatures. Statements or pictures ridiculing a candidate or political cause are not allowed in signatures.

    Any signature containing such material will be banned without warning. Reinstatement of a user's signature will come only after that signature has been changed. Further violations will result in the user being banned from the site.

    Users from other Rivals' boards must comply with these signature rules as well. If your signature is in violation of any of the rules above, you must either change it or ask us to simply ban it. Users that require help with their signatures may seek assistance on the Warchant Technical Center Board.

    Personal Attacks
    1) Personal attacks of any form against another user will result in a ban.

    1) Profanity is not allowed on any Warchant board. This includes but is not limited to swapping out characters for letters in a word. As an example, '$hit' is NOT acceptable.

    2) Using something similar to *$@&%*#@ instead of profanity is allowed.

    3) Using expressions such as ‘frickin’, ‘fargin’, ‘f'n’, is allowed.

    4) This profanity ban does not include the following words, provided they're used in the proper context: ‘bitch’, ‘ass’, ‘damn’, and ‘hell’. IE. Do not tell another user to 'go to hell', do not string together sentences full of these words to prove a point, doing so will lead to immediate banning.

    Problems/Questions about the way the board is being run
    1) If you have business or questions for moderators regarding board policy/bans/etc., do so via e-mail, not on the board.

    2) Threads protesting the banning of a user such as "Free _______" will be locked. Further threads will result in the offender being banned.

    1) Most bans are not permanent, but the length of time is up to the discretion of the moderators. If you are banned from the site and would like to know the reason, click the link at the top ‘Seminole64' and ask. Your ban may or may not be automatically lifted. It is the user's responsibility to ask the moderators to remove the ban.

    2) Once you are banned, re registering with a new name is grounds for a permanent ban.

    Special note from Seminole64:
    Although my name is listed as the smack board moderator, any Warchant moderator can moderate this board. Since I can’t be around 24/7, other moderators have to help me out from time to time.

    One other point on personal attacks: If you have a problem with another poster/post, email me, DO NOT take matters into your own hands. I will deal with it appropriately.

    Addendum #1: Linking to Videos

    Please quit linking to video's from homegrwon websites. That is not allowed on Warchant.

    Straight from Dot's rules pinned to the top of the Football board:

    "Also, we will no longer permit the linking to homegrown websites that store video clips lifted from TV without the permission of the network that broadcast them.* These people are flagrantly breaking copyright laws. But we are the ones that get flack because people are using our message boards to effectively circumvent the law.

    *There are some exceptions. If the ESPN website has free video highlights you can link there. Also, some local TV stations have websites and may show video clips that they filmed. You may link to those websites."

    If you continue to do this, you will take a short vacation from posting.

    Attention Rival Posters.

    Do not use terms such as Criminole, feminoles, semenhole, F$U or any of the other little silly names some of you make up. If you do, your post will be deleted and you will be banned.
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