Adversely Random and Dejectedly Meaningless Thoughts

Bill From Tampa

Veteran Seminole Insider
Apr 1, 2002
Adversely Random and Dejectedly Meaningless Thoughts

1. Bowl games are highly overrated anyway. Unless you are in one.

2. Turns out the Seminoles can go bowling anyway. Its called Seminole Bowl and right near the FSU campus on Tennessee St.

3. Tom Block describing the weather: "It's a nice day although there is far too much orange and blue for my liking."

4. Memo to that FSU fan in the stands that started doing the chop only to have his gatros (their ...) aka crocs of XXVI clad girlfriend grab and pull his arm down ........ you need a new girlfriend. Mixed relationships never work.

5. Headline of the Week regarding this year's installment of the annual rivalry: "Don't Expect A Close Game." Who knew three points equated to a blowout.

6. From the booth, "In 1961 Florida State tied the Gators 3-3. Five years later in 1964 the Seminoles beat the Gators." Five??? Got to be that new math. Or I can't count. But definitely one of the two.

7. I wonder if the FSU coaching staff has given any consideration to NOT putting anyone back there to field punts? I know I'd vote for that. Where do I get my mail in ballot?

8. If the first half was played as slowly as the second half was, we all would be here until next Tuesday!! Let's just review every play. Yeah, that should speed things up.

9. I may be wrong, but that attempted onside kick may not have gone the required ten yards. Perhaps it should have been reviewed?

10. Interviewing gatros (their ...) aka crocs of XXVI fans before the game and asking who they think should be the next head football coach. My vote is for Walt Bell, a perfect fit. Where's that mail in ballot?

Bonus Adversely Random and Dejectedly Meaningless Thoughts

11. With six flags on the field, I got the feeling there was a penalty on the play. I hope they had a replay review to make sure.

12. Perhaps UNC should practice onside kicks? Or even look like they know one is coming.

13. The Don't Quit Your Day Job Award goes to the TV play by play announcer for the NC State/UNC game. With the Wolfpack driving, time running short, and trailing 30-28 came the expert analysis, "They should run the ball here". The next play ..... a 24 yard touchdown pass by NC State.

14. Sign seen at ESPN's Gameday show in Ann Arbor: "Things to do in Ohio: 1. Leave."

15. Yet another Gameday sign: "I don't speak to OSU grads, but when I do, I ask for LARGE FRIES!!"


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Jul 23, 2004
Since this is the closest thing to a free game thread, I must express my frustration and confusion over the Noles' failure to establish a running game. It's been our strength all season, and in recent games, the crocs had allowed an ungodly number of rushing yards to everyone and their moms....


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Mar 29, 2002
Dacula, GA
The Stinkin' Gators (but I repeat myself) had the better athletes and better players overall through out their roster. FSU, however, had more heart and belief that they could win. I expected the Noles to get beat pretty bad today; am pleasing surprised in how it turned out. I can now actually look forward to next season for a change. I believe in Norvill.


Sep 23, 2005
When I saw #4 in real time, I just laughed.

PS Why didn't we try the long distance field goal at the very end of the first half? Time was almost gone when instead another play was called and unless it resulted in a touchdown it was meaningless. At least the kicker's result would have been no worse, but luck might have put it through.