FSU 73 Notre Dame 83 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Bill From Tampa

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Apr 1, 2002
FSU 73 Notre Dame 83 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good

RaiQuan Gray with a double double, his fourth of the season, with 15 points and 10 rebounds before fouling out.

Scottie Barnes asserting his skills like you would expect him to play nearly recording a double double. He finished with 17 points (on 7-10 shooting all inside the arc and most driving to the basket) and 9 boards.

After a totally forgettable first half, Leonard Hamilton made his adjustments in the locker room by going small ball (Balsa Koprivica did not play the final twenty at all and Malik Osbourne barely got on the floor), play pressure defense, and push the ball at the rim on the offensive end. At one point the 'Noles were down twenty and managed to close it to four, 74-70, in the last minutes of the game. The adjustments managed to cut off the back door plays the the Irish burned the Seminoles with in the first half.

Adrian Crawford describing Anthony Polite's three from the left wing to make the score 74-70, "Nothing Polite about that".

Notre Dame is one of the best in the country at holding onto the ball and leads the ACC with just 10.3 turnover per game. The pressure defense by FSU did force 15 Irish miscues (including a rare 10 second call) that factored into the run in the second period. Just too large a deficit to overcome however.

Some good plays for FSU: Sardaar Calhoun with a tough turnaround jumper in the lane with the defender on him, 24-13. Calhoun on defense with the wrap around knock away giving FSU the ball. His showtime slam to get inside ten, 49-40. Add in the skip pass that was sure to go OB but Sardaar managed to elevate and catch the pass. Gray's ORb layup plus the foul to make it 27-16. Barnes with the long outlet pass to MJ Walker for the breakaway layup, 47-36. Barnes missed FT but collects the rebound and scores the basket. Nice blocking out or lack thereof by ND of the shooter.

The Bad

15-5 overall, 11-4 ACC. Prior to the game, FSU's record vs the Irish was 7-4. Make that now 7-5 by a team that was 9-14 at tip off. It was ND's first win over a ranked team at home in three seasons. You're welcome Irish. The Seminoles never led in the game.

When was the first clue that it was not going to be FSU's day? Prior to the game Hamilton's scouting report said the 'Noles had to give Prentice Hubb their full attention and stop Notre Dame shooting threes. The first possession of the game? Hubb with a three pointer. Hubb would finish with a game high 22 points and the Irish converted 9 threes. Mission NOT accomplished.

Eight total assists for the 'Noles indicating a total lack of unselfish play. If FSU wasn't launching threes (just 6-24 25%), they were turning the ball over. In one sequence in the second half, the Seminole defense made good stops on ND only to turn the ball over on the ensuing possessions two straight times.

The technical foul on the bench that turned into a four point play for the Irish. FSU was closing and down by just nine. Opening up that double digit lead (13) again just sucked momentum from the 'Noles.

Walker with zero points in the first half. He did finish with 12, but an ugly 2-10 from the arc.

Nikola Djogo, who averages 4.8 ppg coming off the bench but started today as a senior, scoring 8 of ND's first 19 points. He finished with 11 before fouling out.

At the first official timeout, FSU trailed 13-5. Just over one minute later the 'Noles trailed 19-5 forcing Hamilton to call a timeout.

Notable not so good plays: Gray just losing the dribble right into the hands of an Irish player. Walker, the team's best FT shooter could have closed the gap to five after being fouled taking a three point shot. Instead he made 1 of 3 FTs. FSU down by nine and scoring well in the paint, but instead of attacking Calhoun pulls up for the long three that of course missed the mark. Allowing a straight line dribble drive to the basket virtually uncontested, 35-18. Djogo beating Barnes off the dribble for the layup, something that we have seen much too often from his defense. Gray with a great drive to the rim only to have the ball do almost a 360 and spin off the rim. It was representative of how poorly the Seminoles shot in the game, just 40%.

Notre Dame doing a darn fine job of drawing fouls (some with Emmy worthy acting jobs on the charging calls) and converting their ops at the line, 28-34.

The Ugly

Memo to FSU: It is a 40 minute game, not a 20 minute game. And with a title on the line (and back to back titles at that), the Seminoles played the first half with anything resembling a desire to win the ACC regular season title. Only three teams have done that, Duke, UNC, and UVa. FSU could have been the fourth. This playing half of a game is a trend will get the 'Noles ousted quickly in the next two tournaments.

If giving up 47 points in the first half by the FSU defense was not the most for the season, it was darn close to being number one as the Seminoles trailed by sixteen at intermission. I believe that 16 point deficit was also the largest margin at the break this season for the Seminoles.

Florida State NOT playing like the #11 team (they will not have to worry about that now when the polls come out) and Notre Dame playing maybe better than a #11 team.

FSU three point shooting. And even more frustrating shooting them in the second half when driving to the rim was paying off.

Memo to Tanor Ngom: Three point shooting is NOT your forte as was the case with your first career shot from behind the arc.

Up Next

So FSU is the second seed in the ACCT and with the double bye will not play until Thursday at 6:30 against the winner of the Louisville vs Duke/BC game. The game will be either on ESPN or ESPN2.


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Jul 23, 2004
I know that I said I'd take the blame if we didn't go on to win the ACC.

In my defense, how was I supposed to know that we wouldn't show up to play in the first half??


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BFT and Lizards...................... Fine notices will go out today.

We were 0-9 on 3's until 2.5 left in first half. Bill is right. Too many lay-ins
for N D.

What a difference. Our D just smothered B. C. That D missed the flight to
South Bend.

I hate to whine but the guys in stripes loved to call charging on us.
They were almost as bad as we were.

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