Incredulously Random and Incredulously Meaningless Thoughts

Bill From Tampa

Veteran Seminole Insider
Apr 1, 2002
Incredulously Random and Incredulously Meaningless Thoughts

1. 8-4 here we come!!!!

2. Coming into the game, all Seminole fans everywhere saw this result coming, right? I know I did. And if you believe that I have land west of Clearwater Beach for sale.

3. Gee, Kenan Stadium sure was empty in that 4th qtr. I guess a lot of fans wanted to beat the traffic. Well, there were flood warnings in the area and Tar Heel fans certainly flooded the exits.

4. Key stats (after the scoreboard of course). 17-3-1 overall vs UNC. 8-1 in Chapel Hill. And Mack Brown "improves" his perfect record vs FSU to 0-11.

5. Wait a second .... FSU was picked to lose by 18 points. How could the short term investment brokers be sooooooo wrong? I wonder, when they miss the mark so badly like that, do they give refunds?

6. Apparently just in case they had forgotten, Florida State wanted to remind the Tar Heels about last year.

7. With the bye week coming up, at least we have two weeks to prepare for the mighty Minutemen who won their first game of the season in six tries over the even mightier UConn Huskies (0-6). But I'm not talking trash after a two game winning streak.

8. Memo to Corey Wren: Take a knee. That is unless you actually like getting smacked to the turf by the opponent on the kickoff.

9. 12 penalties for 110 yards. Discipline, thy name is NOT North Carolina.

10. ACC Championship game here we come!!

Bonus Incredulously Random and Incredulously Meaningless Thoughts

11. Sign seen at ESPN's Gameday show: "Bevo's horns are implants".

12. Another sign seen at the aforementioned Gameday show: "Win or lose, at least I don't live in Norman". Having been in Norman, I know what he means.

13. After the disappointment of a last second loss to Oklahoma, at least Texas fans did not have far to go to commiserate over a nice frosty mug of fried beer.

14. When asked about facing his former boss, Nick Saban, at Kyle Field, home of the Fighting Jimbos, A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher (loved by all at FSU) said, "We're going to beat his a** when he's there. Don't worry." Be happy .... as the song goes.

15. National Championship game here we come!!!!


Veteran Seminole Insider
Mar 5, 2005
#9 is amazing. Noles with only five (5!!) penalties. I must be dreaming.
Extra added # 16. Noles with no turnovers.
Bonus # 17. Noles give up no sacks.

What? How? Who are those guys?