Independently Random and Unquestionably Meaningless Thoughts

Bill From Tampa

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Apr 1, 2002
Independently Random and Unquestionably Meaningless Thoughts

1. Well, that was easy. In summation, two words; "cake" and "walk".

2. Welcome back Walt. Drop back anytime. And bring your team with you. Please don't let today be the first and last meeting. We could always use a good scrimmage.

3. Headline NOT seen following FSU's trouncing of UMass: "Seminoles End Long Win Streak Of Minutemen".

4. Stat of the game: 3:07. As in three hours and seven minutes to play the game. For Massachusetts however, the game ended well before then.

5. During the pre-game radio show, Tom Block asked Bar None what he would like to see out of FSU in today's game. Floyd answered, "perfection". And then came the opening kickoff of the game. So much for that.

6. The wisdom of Mrs BFT. With FSU leading 17-3 and UMass driving posied to score a touchdown, said the aforementioned Mrs, "I say we intercept the ball here". The next play? You guessed it, the Seminoles picked it off in the endzone. BTW, I will be taking the Mrs to Vegas next week for some short term investing.

7. The Curse of the Announcer. Extolling the nearly flag free game by the Seminoles, from the booth came the statement, "FSU has committed only two penalties for 30 yards". The next play? "Pass interference, number 32."

8. And speaking of opening game kickoffs, we do know the fair catch is allowed right? Just checking.

9. Looking forward to next Saturday afternoon and evening up Clemson's record to .500. But I'm not talking trash after a three game winning streak.

10. I am sure you are surprised to learn there is a major meltdown on Clemson message boards. Glad that never happens on FSU boards.

Bonus Independently Random and Unquestionably Meaningless Thoughts

11. This just in. After 47 overtime periods, the Penn State/Illinois game has ended.

12. Defense. Thy name is NOT, stressing NOT, Wake Forest and Army.

13. Not sure why by the start of the 4th quarter the seats at the Indiana game were "filled" with what looked to be family and close friends. So it was raining and the Hoosiers trailing by only forty-four points, 51-7. Its not like you had somewhere else to be right?

14. Now that had to be interesting for the ESPN Gameday crew doing the show on the campus of UCLA. Like you had to get up by what .... 1 AM? What would be more interesting is if they did the show from Hawaii. They likely would have had to arise like some time ........... yesterday.

15. Gameday sign seen: "I'm here early for the Rose Bowl". Man, you sure are. Hope you brought plenty of snacks. Oh yeah, and beer.


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Jul 23, 2004
When I saw the final score for Wake/Army, my immediate thought was that I didn't know hoops season had started yet.
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May 29, 2001
Every IU Ohio State game played at IU is 25K IU fans and 30K Ohio State fans. By the 4th quarter, even the Ohio State fans were in their car listening to the radio call (or streaming the game on their phones) while getting a head start on their 3.5 hour drive home.
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