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    (10/14/16): Wake [Forest] Up Warchant

    Gene and Ryan break down FSU-WF and give their Lucky 7 picks. Plus, a recruiting breakdown from Michael Langston.

    (10/13/16): Short Yardage Surge

    Ira and Ryan take a look at just how much better FSU has been in short yardage situations this season compared to the 2016 campaign and discuss Dalvin Cook's Heisman chances.

    (10/12/16): Andrews Out

    Ryan and Ryan discuss the impact of losing Nate Andrews for the season, Jimbo Fisher reaffirming his culture at FSU, and a recap of A Season With.

    (10/11/16): Is the Season Saved?

    Gene and Ryan take a look at what Florida State's victory over the weekend means for the defense, the rest of the season, and the psyche of the Seminoles. Plus, an interview with Demarcus Walker.

    (10/10/16): A PAT On the Back

    Ira and Ryan take a look at the insanity that was FSU-Miami and what it means for both programs moving forward. Plus, our weekly interview with Jimbo Fisher.

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