Wake Up Warchant (10/3-10/7)

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    (10/7/16): The Show Must Go On

    Gene and Ryan take a position by position look at FSU-Miami, have their weekly over-unders, and pick winners in this week's Lucky 7.

    (10/6/16): Rain Rain Go Away

    Ira and Ryan take a look at the FSU-Miami contingency plan as Hurricane Matthew emerges and how it adds to the already eventful season the Seminoles have gone through.

    (10/5/16): Stayin' Alive

    Ryan and Ryan talk about FSU maintaining its' focus, an interview with Dalvin Cook, and a review of A Season With.

    (10/4/16): Contemplation and Canes

    Gene and Ryan take a look back at Jimbo Fisher's Monday presser, a look at the present state of the program, and a look ahead at just what Saturday in Miami Gardens means for the 'Noles and the 'Canes.

    (10/3/16): Fallout and Frustration

    Ira and Ryan take a look at what's at stake for the rest of the season for FSU and why the 'Noles have to keep their head above water or risk drowning in the changing tide. Plus, our weekly interview with FSU HC Jimbo Fisher.

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