Wake Up Warchant (3/28-4/1)

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    (4/1/16): Second Scrimmage Preview
    Ira and Ryan preview FSU's second scrimmage, talk JD Drew, FSU-BC baseball, Final Four, and more!

    (3/31/16): Spring DE Preview

    Gene and Ryan chat about spring, FSU's DE, and some Batman v Superman. Also recruiting talk with Michael Langston.

    (3/30/16): Ramsey Shines on Pro Day

    Ira and Ryan talk about Jalen Ramsey's spectacular pro day and FSU-UF baseball while Ryan and Ryan talk about the issue of satellite camps in college football recruiting.

    (3/29/16): Pro Day Preview and Bacon

    Ryan and Ryan break down spring practice, preview Jalen Ramsey's draft stock, and discuss Dwayne Bacon's decision to return to college.

    (3/28/16): Sports Monsoon
    Ira and Ryan talk spring practice so far and FSU-NCSU baseball (or lack thereof).

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    Nice job guys. As an aside on Roberto Aguayo, his misses were barely missed. I remember 2 or 3 hitting the posts, one was blocked, one fell short, and the others missed by a hair. I would expect that Ricky will have the same range. It comes down to how dead center are his good ones and how far off are his misses. If his trend follows Roberto, then I do feel he can emulate his brother's success. Also, I think we never give enough credit to the holder.
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