Wake Up Warchant (4/18-4/22)

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    (4/22/16): Baseball Review and Preview

    Ira and Ryan take a look at a busy week of FSU Baseball, talk about their favorite Prince songs, and continue to find joy out of Georgia's overblown spring game. Also, Gene and Michael finish their recruiting conversation.

    (4/21/16): Football Grades, Revenue, and Recruiting
    Gene joins the show to chat about FSU's new APR ratings, Ryan and Ryan talk about the highest earning athletic departments in the country, and Michael Langston joins the show to talk recruiting.

    (4/20/16): FSU Athletics' Big Revenue Boost

    Ryan and Ryan talk about FSU's revenue over the last fiscal year and Ira interviews Tom D'Angelo about his time with the Fisher's and their son Ethan.

    (4/19/16): Jimbo Fisher gives QB Tidbits

    Ira and Ryan talk about FSU's QB race and hear Jimbo Fisher's thoughts on the matter. Also Peach Bowl profits and the best of the rest.

    How Does the TEN-LA Trade Affect Jalen Ramsey
    Ryan and Ryan discuss Jalen Ramsey's draft stock while Ira joins the show to chat about FSU Baseball's disappointing weekend.

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    Well after 5 minutes of talking about the freaking rams I quit listening. Seriously guys

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