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    (5/6/16): Baseball and Coaching

    Tom Lang and Ryan take a look at FSU baseball breather vs. Bowling Green, where Jimbo stacks up against other coaches in CFB, and the rise and fall of the Indiana Pacers.

    (5/5/16): Headdresses and recruiting

    Gene and Ryan take a look at the FSU SGA condemning headdress wearing at FSU sporting events and Michael breaks down his current recruiting tour. Plus the best of the rest with Ira.

    (5/4/16): FSU-Ole Miss Tickets, Big XII Expansion, and FSU in the NFL

    Ryan and Ira take a look at the ticket situation for Florida State vs. Ole Miss in Orlando, the Big XII's rumored expansion, and how FSU in the NFL has looked in the Jimbo Fisher era.

    (5/3/16): Baseball Letdown and XRM Returns

    Ryan and Ryan chat about FSU Baseball's road woes and Xavier Rathan Mayes returning to FSU. Plus, Michael interviews Stanford Samuels III.

    (5/2/16): Draft Fallout and Baseball

    Ryan and Ira discuss the lack of 'Noles in the later rounds of the NFL draft, FSU baseball, and the best of the rest.

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