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    (6/24/16): Beasley, Most Hated, and Nintendo 64

    Ryan and Tom chat about Malik Beasley heading to Denver, take a look at the Seminoles' Most Hated Bracket, and have a discussion about being kids of the 90's and getting old-ish.

    (6/23/16): Draft Day for Malik Beasley

    Ryan and Ryan take their best guesses at where Malik Beasley will end up in the NBA draft, take a way too early look at FSU's hoops season, and what we can learn about American sports fans from the USMNT's loss to Argentina.

    (6/22/16): Rashad Greene Joins the Show

    FSU and Jacksonville Jaguars WR Rashad Greene chats with Ryan while Gene joins the show to talk about what improvements could be made to the ACC and a way too early look ahead at the 2016 football season.

    (6/21/16): Looking Ahead and Sports' Most Miserable
    Ryan and Ryan look at the expectations for FSU Baseball next season, look at who should claim the title of DBU, and debate who the most miserable sports cities/teams/programs are.

    (6/20/16): Sports Curses and Recruiting
    Ira and Ryan take a look at the now broken curse of Cleveland and the reaction compared to when FSU broke through in '93 as well as a wild weekend at the CWS. Plus, Michael gives an update on FSU football and basketball's wild recruiting weekend.

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