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    (8/5/16): Coaches Poll Revealed

    Ryan and Ryan chat about preseason USA Today Coaches Poll, FSU's presence in the Rio Olympics, and the best of the rest.

    (8/4/16): Ira's Thrasher Article and FSU's Latest Commitments
    Ira and Ryan talk about Ira's sit down with John Thrasher, the state of today's sports media, and the two commitments FSU football picked up this week.

    (8/3/16): The Greatest College Football Programs in History

    Tom and Ryan talk about the AP's top 100 programs, complain about Athlon's uniform rankings, and talk recruiting with Michael Langston.

    (8/2/16): Secondary Preview and Offensive Recruiting

    Ryan and Ryan look ahead to FSU's stacked secondary while Michael joins the show to chat about recruiting.

    (8/1/16): Neutral Site Debate and the Most Hated Champion
    Ira and Ryan chat about the two new rumored neutral site games in FSU's football future, answer an e-mail about Clemson 2016 vs. FSU 2014, Derwin James injury, the Most Hated champion, and more!

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