Warning: Ticketsondeck = Typical Scalper


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Aug 28, 2017
Just a quick heads up to anyone looking to do ticket business with Warchant user "Ticketsondeck", he's one of the regular scalpers outside of the stadium and looks to take advantage of you if you give him the chance.

After seeing a couple of posters here that had purchased from him I reached out and made a deal to buy a block of Champion's Club tickets from him. We agreed to a price and I offered to Venmo/Paypal the balance, and he could electronically transfer the tickets to me. He said he'd prefer to meet outside of the stadium in 30 minutes. I arrived to buy the tickets, but now he decided to double the price because "this guy right here is willing to pay that much more, you're going to miss out" (gesturing towards one of the other scalpers). I told him we made a deal and I had even offered to pay in advance, but he said something to the effect of "I can make more money." I asked him what he thought Warchant would think and he just shrugged, so I told him to sod off. A few minutes later I saw one of the other scalpers take the tickets from him and approach me, offering to sell them closer to the original rate. I told them I wouldn't be buying tickets from "that guy." He also called my phone a number of times after that trying to offload them before kickoff.

Moral of the story, he made a "deal" with me but delayed delivery so that he could continue to try and sell the tickets for a better price in the meantime. Do not rely on this guy. Buyers beware.

Oh and a few minutes later I bought CC tickets from someone who looked like they may have been there with Fabio Nole, for about half of what Ticketsondeck and I had originally agreed to.


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Jan 8, 2016
This is why I wrote what I did a few weeks ago. Let's get him banned...


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Sep 5, 2020
That's why I kept commenting on his posts about were they face value. I tried him a couple times and he kept to sell me outrageous priced CC club tickets...