What I think Bowden would say about JSU game...


Oct 9, 2003
First of all, I don't think we lose against JSU with Coach Bowden, but this is what I think he would sound like at the Monday press conference...I miss Coach Bowden!

Coach Bowden (relived):

"It's not fun talking to ya'll after a game like that (chuckle). Dadgummit...we didn't play FSU football. We couldn't hold onto the ball, ya know. Ya got to catch the ball. But the dadgum penalties really cost us...dadgum penalties. I think we were so fired up against Notre Dame and came so close...we thought we are better than we are. But you still have to play the game...you still have to execute to win, ya know. This is Florida State, everyone plays hard against us. Everyone wants to beat Florida State. I have to get that into the heads of my players. We thought we had an easy win against Jacksonville, but they played a heck of a game. Boy, that Jacksonville quarterback looked like an All-American at the end but we didn't play like we could. I have to do better in preparing these guys for certain situations. These kinds of games can ruin you or make you better, ya know. Losses like this can build character too, and we are going to see who really wants to play for Florida State Saturday. So they better bring it in practice or they will be watching the game from their dorm room....dadgummit."


Oct 12, 2002
At least Bowden accepted the fault when the team lost. It's unacceptable for any coaches to blame the loss on the players.