Dejectedly Random and Sadly Meaningless Thoughts

Bill From Tampa

Veteran Seminole Insider
Apr 1, 2002
Dejectedly Random and Sadly Meaningless Thoughts

1. 0-4. You know ...... if you read it backwards from right to left it doesn't look so dadgum bad after all.

2. It could be worse. FSU could be the only ACC team without a win. Wait, what? What's that you say? You're kidding???? When did that happen?

3. And just think, Syracuse blew a golden opportunity to play a titanic match up of winless teams by making that FG. That game would have been on prime time TV for sure.

4. Are we sure they don't throw out the first half score and just use the second half scoring to determine the winner? Maybe somebody could check the rule book? Just looking for any way possible to get that elusive "W".

5. Meh, winning football games is highly overrated anyway.

6. From the booth, "Florida State fans are enjoying a sunny afternoon at Doak." That's debatable. VERY debatable.

7. The wit and wisdom of Mrs BFT. After the commentary from the booth on his wide open jaunt for the touchdown, "Ward dances into the end zone", came the the voice from the couch. "it sure looked like he was running to me." She has a point there.

8. Quote of the game: From William Floyd, "I don't have a lot of experience with losing and I sure don't want to start now." Safe to say it has been started.

9. Second best quote of the game: From Gene Deckerhoff, "Let's see if FSU can start a winning streak at the expense of Louisville." Or not.

10. Third best quote of the game: "The Seminoles' secondary is having problems early." What possibly could have been the clue for that??? Like maybe the fourth play of the game?

Bonus Dejectedly Random and Sadly Meaningless Thoughts

11. Stat of the game: Coming into the game, the Louisville defense had 5 sacks. They left with a total of 11 on the season. Can you say sieve?

12. You know, maybe to not see the defense get so gassed early in games, maybe we just let the other team score in the first quarter. What's there to lose? UL was doing that anyway. Why spend all that energy to prevent the inevitable?

13. Sign seen at ESPN's Gameday show at the site of the Wisconsin/ND game:: "Who needs Catholics. We got Chryst." I see what you did there.

14. No wonder Miami spent time addressing tackling issues this past week after seeing a Hurricane defender in last week's game not tackle the ball carrier but instead tackle the blocker.

15. Very easy to see how Baylor was able to upset Iowa State on Saturday. They blinded them with those bright yellow unis. And bright does not even begin to describe it. If they measured the amount of lumens those things emitted, the Sun would have nothing on those uniforms.