FSU Alum in NYC Raising Money for Pediatric Cancer

Discussion in 'Seminole Networking' started by KJambhekar1, May 2, 2018.

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    Hi Fellow Alums,

    Hope all is well, my name is Kedar Jambhekar, I'm a graduate a Florida State University (class of 2013), and I work at JP Morgan Chase in New York City in their investment bank. For the second year in a row, I will be a participant in the 10th annual Wall Street Decathlon at Robert Kraft Field at Wein Stadium on the campus of Columbia University. This amazing event raises money and awareness for the kids at Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center. The athletic event is an NFL combine inspired competition where donors can make 'charity betting' pledges on competitors to meet certain goals on each event. This year my marquee event in the bench press where I have set a goal of 17 reps. If I were to meet/exceed my goal, your pledge will be doubled and everyone wins! If it is in your means to make a pledge towards your fellow Seminole (me) and the kids battling everyday, it would be greatly appreciative.

    To make a pledge, please visit the link below. No donation is deemed too small and 100 percent of your proceeds will go directly towards research and treatment enhancements.You will also receive a tax receipt and form with your pledge. If you have any further questions about me, the cause or even Seminole football (something we all love) I have left my contact information below as well. More information on the event itself can also be found on the website of the donation link.

    I am trying to make the university proud and make a difference in the New York City community. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration and have a blessed day. #dosomething

    LINK TO DONATE: https://nyc.thed10.com/competitors/1144
    Contact information:
    -email: Kedar.a.Jambhekar@jpmchase.com OR KJambhekar1@gmail.com

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