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    (10/28/16): What It'll Take

    Gene and Ryan preview the big game between FSU and Clemson and pick their "Lucky 7" for the week. Also Larry Williams of TigerIllustrated.com joins the program.

    (10/27/16): Recipe for Upset

    Ira and Ryan discuss the soft factors and star power it would take for Florida State to pull off the upset this Saturday. Plus, Michael Langston joins the show to talk about the big recruiting weekend.

    (10/26/16): Rusty Rivalry?

    Ryan and Ryan discuss why FSU-Clemson feels a little different this season, the biggest surprises in college football, and an interview with Demarcus Walker.

    (10/25/16): FSU-Clemson Scenarios

    Gene and Ryan take a look into the crazed landscape of college football and what an FSU upset on Saturday could mean for Clemson's playoff hopes, the playoffs in general, and more. Plus, an interview with Dalvin Cook.

    (10/24/16): What FSU-Clemson Means

    Ira and Ryan take a look at FSU taking on the role of the hunter vs. Clemson, what it means for the national stage, and how the game effects FSU's bowl game destination.

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