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    (6/10/16): MLB Draft Fallout and Football Recruiting

    Ira and Ryan chat about what helped and hurt FSU Baseball in last night's MLB Draft and break down this week's action in the Seminoles' Most Hated Tournament. Then, Michael Langston joins the show to talk about the Rivals' 5 Star Challenge this weekend in Atlanta.

    (6/9/16): The MLB Draft vs. FSU and Beer in College Stadiums

    Jeff Cameron and Tom Lang join Ryan to talk about how the MLB Draft can reek havoc on college baseball, the widening gap in conference TV revenue, and how it's only a matter of time before the in-stadium experience in CFB is completely different.

    (6/8/16): Tyler Holton and the Champions Club

    Ira and Ryan chat about baseball, Malzahn's contract extension, and more. Plus interviews with FSU Baseball's Tyler Holton and Jerry Kutz of Seminole Boosters.

    (6/7/16): A look at Florida and Beasley's Draft Status
    Ryan and Ryan talk about FSU Baseball's task at hand, take a look at where the experts think Malik Beasley will be drafted, and marvel at Jim Harbaugh's crazy camp tour.

    (6/6/16): Regional in Review
    Ira and Ryan take a look at the wacky weekend of NCAA Baseball regionals, Florida State's performance, softball, and more!

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