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    (7/15/16): CFB Coach Ejections and Derwin Expectations

    Tom and Ryan talk about which college football coach would most likely get kicked out of a game, reasonable expectations from Derwin James, and what it takes for a coach to be themselves in today's football.

    (7/14/16): The CFP Committee Changes Their Tune
    Ira and Ryan chat about the College Football Playoff moving to New Year's Day permanently, the evolution of college coach camps, and Saban vs. Finebaum fight at SEC Media Days.

    (7/13/16): FSU's Unique Revenue Ideas
    Gene and Ryan chat about the interesting ways FSU has made up for the revenue gap with no conference network while Ira joins the show to poke at SEC Media Days and preview FSU's WRs.

    (7/12/16): What Vegas Thinks of the 'Noles

    Gene and Ryan take a look at the newest Las Vegas odds and FSU's worst losses of the Jimbo Fisher era. Plus, Michael Langston chats about Florida State's newest commits.

    (7/11/16): Jimbo Fisher's Most Underrated Wins
    Ira and Ryan take a look at the most important wins of the Jimbo Fisher era that are usually overlooked. Plus baseball's sunny outlook and the teams that will disappoint in the 2016 football season.

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    2010 Clemson game with the game winning field goal.I think that game really set the stage for the future years and signalled the turn around from the lost decade.
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    Podcast minor correction: George Edgar was the first president at our university, not Doak Campbell (who was the prez when the name changed in 1947). FSU's history goes back to the 1850's. The ONLY school in Fla that existed prior or during the Civil War.

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