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    (9/16/16): The Big FSU-Louisville Preview

    Gene and Ryan take a look at all aspects of FSU and Louisville's titanic early season showdown. Also an interview with Howie Lindsey of CardinalSports.com.

    (9/15/16): A New ACC Title Site

    Ryan and Ryan discuss the potential risks and rewards of the ACC's championships leaving North Carolina and the potential of a budding Francois-Jackson rivalry. Plus, an interview with Alec Eberle.

    (9/14/16): Derwin, Dalvin, and A Season With

    Ira and Ryan have a chat about Derwin James' timetable to return and recap last night's "A Season With." Plus an interview with Dalvin Cook.

    (9/13/13): James Injury and Noon Kicks

    Ryan and Ryan discuss Derwin James cartilage injury, where FSU is deepest, noon kicks, the ACC basketball schedule and more! Plus, interviews with Jacob Pugh and Trey Marshall.

    (9/12/16): Derwin James Update and Jimbo Fisher

    Gene and Ryan take a look at FSU's jump in the polls and give the latest on what they've heard about the health of Derwin James. Plus, Gene Williams weekly interview with Jimbo Fisher.

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